Thermo Scientific flow computers and flow meters

Combined measurement and flow control

Measurement and flow control are critical aspects of producing, processing, and transporting hydrocarbons around the world.  With our Thermo Scientific suite of flow computers and flow meters we enable our customers to reduce cost, lost material, automate processes, and monitor critical points in your process.  From field to control room and upstream to downstream our products provide control where needed most.

Popular flow measurement products

Setting the standard in the industry for electronic input signal conversion, the STD5000 and STD 6000 transducers ensure accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use to facilitate operations and increase productivity.

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Electronic Flow Measurement at the Wellhead Ensures Productivity

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Electronic Flow Measurement at the Wellhead Ensures Productivity

Maximizing well production is the key to maximizing profits. If well pressure drops and water flows from the formation to the well bore and accumulates, it creates a gradual increase in backpressure. Gas production slows or stops altogether as liquids increase in the well tubing. If left unattended, production, and well life, decreases.  

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