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Meet your liquid flow process demands with a host of Thermo Scientific electronic flow measurement devices. Ideal for measuring parameters of both liquid and gas flow processes, our suite of flow computers, measurement devices, and accessories can be used in a variety of industrial and environmental applications—from water resource management to petrochemical and oil refining.

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AutoPILOT PRO XL Six-Run Expandable EFM/RTU

AutoLACT Flow Controller

AutoXP Gas and Liquid Flow Computer

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Thermo Scientific natural gas and liquid flow computers enable precise monitoring of essential flow parameters. When used for natural gas and petroleum liquids, our computers integrate seamlessly to log pressure, temperature, and velocity. 

Ensure leak-free measurement with zero pressure drop by choosing a Thermo Scientific flowmeter, which feature non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers for reduced downtime. Principally designed for clean liquid applications, our flowmeters and transducers are tolerant of liquids with higher concentrations of gas bubbles or entrained solids.

AutoLACT Flow Controller

The proven technology of the Thermo Scientific AutoLACT Flow Controller is designed to deliver a low-cost, accurate, and secure solution for measuring petroleum product as it is transferred from the source tank to a tanker truck.

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Electronic Flow Measurement at the Wellhead Ensures Productivity

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Electronic Flow Measurement at the Wellhead Ensures Productivity

Maximizing well production is the key to maximizing profits. If well pressure drops and water flows from the formation to the well bore and accumulates, it creates a gradual increase in backpressure. Gas production slows or stops altogether as liquids increase in the well tubing. If left unattended, production, and well life, decreases.  

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