Improved quality and productivity solutions webinar series

Learn how the Raman, NIR and XRF portable devices can improve pharma manufacturing processes from raw material inspection through final biologic product identification. Thermo Fisher Scientific portable solutions focus on bringing the technology to the manufacturing floor enabling significant time and cost savings leading to improvements on productivity and efficiency. These field and safety instruments are being applied by traditional small molecule manufacturers, biologics manufacturers and contract manufacturing organizations for a various number of applications. The webinars listed below will introduce you to the breakthrough technologies and applications that are making pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes more efficient.

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Process Raman SpectroscopyOn demandProcess Raman Spectroscopy Beyond Small Molecule ApplicationsWatch now
Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturingOn demandQC analytical improvements in bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing using portable instrumentsWatch now
Raw Material Quality Control ToolsOn demandHow to Master Raw Material ID Testing in 2021Watch now
Quality Control ToolsOn demandCell Culture Media Analysis Using a Handheld Raman Analyzer with Onboard ChemometricsWatch now
Raw Material Quality Control ToolsOn demandIncreased Raw Material Verification Capabilities with Portable Raman and XRF InstrumentsWatch now
Digital SolutionsOn demandIntroducing New Digital Tools to Enhance Raw Material VerificationWatch now
Raw Material Quality Control ToolsOn demandIntroducing the New Portable XRF Analyzer for Identity Testing of Pharmaceutical Ionic SaltsWatch now
Raw Material Quality Control ToolsOn demandContinuous Improvement - Using a Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Quality Testing in Biopharmaceutical ManufacturingWatch now
BioprocessingOn demandLower Bioprocessing Costs and Time with Raman SpectroscopyWatch now

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