Online Pharmaceutical Product Inspection

Meet the highest standards of performance, hygiene and reliability

Pharmaceutical applications demand the highest standards of performance, hygiene and reliability. Thermo Scientific product inspection solutions can detect incomplete packages at high speed through high accuracy dynamic weight check of packed and part-packed goods or detect metallic and non-metallic contamination in both oral solid production or in liquid vial filling. From the consistent accuracy of our pharmaceutical checkweighers, to the sensitivity of our metal detectors for the pharmaceutical industry, to the detection performance of our x-ray inspection systems, our solutions are proven effective and expertly tailored to inspect pharmaceutical packaging.

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Systems for pharmaceutical product inspection
POWERx High Power X-Ray Inspection

The Thermo Scientific POWERx D165 X-ray inspection system for glass contaminant detection is designed to offer the highest level of quality assurance possible.  It features state-of-the-art X-ray sources, detectors and image analysis software.

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Thermo Scientific product inspection systems for pharmaceutical and biotech applications provide valuable quality and safety checks for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Read these frequently asked questions and answers about our online pharmaceutical product inspection systems.

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