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Rotational rheology for QC and research on battery slurries and semi-dry cathode films04/09/2024Watch on demand
Cathode and black mass composition control made easy with XRF analysis05/07/2024Watch on demand
Identification of loading defects during EV battery electrode production using a new in-line mass profilometry technique06/04/2024Watch on demand
Investigation of anode and cathode materials for Li-ion batteries through X-ray diffraction09/03/2024Register now
The role of traceability in EV battery cell quality and safety assurance09/24/2024Register now
Lithium-ion battery cathode extrusion – from wet to dry processing10/15/2024Register now
Increasing electrode coating line productivity and final cell performance with real-time profile measurements11/12/2024Register now


Measuring the earth - elemental analysis of minerals and ores.04/11/2024Watch on demand
Mill feed control with PGNAA04/23/2024Watch on demand
Routine analysis of primary resources: How X-ray diffraction can improve your processes06/18/2024Watch on demand


Process control in cement manufacturing using X-ray diffraction04/30/2024Watch on demand
Optimizing cement production: Leveraging XRF spectrometry for quality control and efficiency05/28/2024Watch on demand
Acculink - Linking the line to the lab06/25/2024Watch on demand


Ultra-fast inclusion analysis with an optical emission spectrometer04/16/2024Watch on demand
The unique production needs of rolled electrical steels to meet the growing demand related to electric vehicles05/21/2024Watch on demand
How is XRF used in steel manufacturing processes?06/19/2024Watch on demand

Food inspection & packaging

What rheology can do for food - From rheology to mouthfeel05/16/2024Watch on demand
The significance of preventive maintenance for product inspection systems06/13/2024Watch on demand
Tracing nutrient markers and potential contaminants in food with XRF08/20/2024Register now
The benefits of high-speed process control in the production of barrier films used in food packaging09/19/2024Register now
Exploring reject devices for product inspection systems: Ensuring quality assurance10/10/2024Register now

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Process and quality control in lithium mining with XRF05/11/2023Watch on demand
QA/QC of cathode powders using XRF Spectrometry06/13/2023Watch on demand
Extrusion & rheology in battery manufacturing and research06/15/2023Watch on demand
In-line metrology options for separator film production lines06/27/2023Watch on demand
Track valuable metals in black mass during LIB recycling with XRF09/19/2023Watch on demand
How automatic control techniques can help reduce defects and improve efficiency for lithium-ion electrode production11/07/2023Watch on demand

Minerals & mining

Realizing the vision of Clean Energy through representative analysis in bulk ore sorting05/30/2023Watch on demand
Improving recovery in flotation plants using slurry samplers and analyzers09/19/2023Watch on demand

Food & food packaging

Top considerations of in-line checkweighers in a manufacturing process06/06/2023Watch on demand
Product and package effect – What you need to know about metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems10/10/2023Watch on demand


Detecting defects in electrode coatings to reduce the risk of downstream failures05/24/2022Watch on demand
In-Line metrology for electrode calendering lines06/28/2022Watch on demand
Optimizing production yield using automatic profile control at full process line speeds09/27/2022Watch on demand
Recent advancements in in-line electrode coating metrology10/18/2022Watch on demand
Data storage and security for battery manufacturing11/29/2022Watch on demand


Technology considerations for bulk ore sorting05/17/2022Watch on demand
Meeting flotation plant layout and process challenges through innovative equipment design07/12/2022Watch on demand
The value behind integration and digitalization of processing plants data09/06/2022Watch on demand
Optimizing the performance of your minerals processing plant through gangue elemental analysis10/20/2022Watch on demand
Success factors in the selection of slurry analyzers and samplers for flotation process control11/08/2022Watch on demand

Food inspection & packaging

Pet Food – Product inspection insights for pet food safety and quality05/10/2022Watch on demand
Factors to Consider When Selecting Web Gauging Technology for Biopolymers06/14/2022Watch on demand
Metal detection or X-ray inspection: which is right for your application?06/21/2022Watch on demand
Top Techniques for Basis Weight and Thickness Measurement of Food Packaging Materials09/13/2022Watch on demand
Quick-prep foods and meal kits — How to overcome key product inspection challenges09/20/2022Watch on demand
An Introduction to Digital Solutions for Web Gauging Technology in Food Packaging11/15/2022Watch on demand
Raw material product inspection: are you missing this important stage?11/22/2022Watch on demand


Online dimensional metrology to assure uniform production of lithium-ion battery electrode materials03/10/2021Watch on demand
Li-ion manufacturing: How to optimize raw materials, product quality and uniformity04/19/2021Watch on demand
Metrology for the electrode coating lines: beta, x-ray, and other sensors06/10/2021Watch on demand
Automatic control strategies for lithium-ion electrode production07/13/2021Watch on demand
On-line sensor characteristics needed for coating edge defect detection07/22/2021Watch on demand
The benefits of remote monitoring of measurement systems in lithium battery production11/02/2021Watch on demand
Monitoring quality across the battery manufacturing process11/23/2021Watch on demand
The importance of uniform separator film thickness in lithium-ion batteries12/14/2021Watch on demand

Food safety & quality

New Approaches to Metal Detection for Increased Safety08/05/2020Watch on demand
Brand Protection in the New Normal10/07/2020Watch on demand
Grow Your Retail Presence with Food Safety Insights and Inspection Innovations11/04/2020Watch on demand
Reducing vulnerability to foreign object contamination in the food processing industry06/15/2021Watch on demand
Fresh fruits & vegetables – Meeting increasing consumer demand without compromising quality and safety07/15/2021Watch on demand
Plant based proteins – Robust product inspection regimens as a core strand of your manufacturing expansion09/14/2021Watch on demand
Gaining an edge – The value of exceeding regulatory standards in food manufacturing10/05/2021Watch on demand
Maintaining brand values when things go wrong – Services to recover from unplanned foreign object escapes in foods11/09/2021Watch on demand

Mining, Minerals, Coal, Cement

Using PGNAA to reduce the standard deviation of Lime Saturation Factor (LSF) in cement raw mix production09/16/2021Watch on demand
Controlling basicity (Ca/Si ratio) using PGNAA in sinter plants10/07/2021Watch on demand

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