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From oil and gas, chemicals and plastics to minerals, mining and metals, industrial producers face increasing pressure to improve quality, increase productivity and cost-effectively comply with strict regulatory requirements. Our technologies, including a new generation of rugged field-based instruments, let high-value industrial producers like you improve outdated and outmoded processes and expose quality defects that can erode existing market share or prevent expansion into new markets and profitable application areas.

Visit our new Steel Manufacturing Information center to learn about technologies used to produce clean and ultraclean steel with improved mechanical properties. Browse our resources for information about applications in raw material quality control, process optimization, laboratory analysis, contaminated scrap metal detection, and air quality monitoring in the steel manufacturing process.

Our newly updated Cement Analysis and Production Information center is a comprehensive resource about the cement production process and the steps needed to maintain consistent raw material quality with minimal chemistry deviation.

To learn about solutions to improve manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, visit the new Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes and Production Information page.

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There have been reports from the U. S. Food and Drug Administration that certain foods and beverages, particularly fruit juices, contain high levels of phthalates. In some cases, deliberate adulteration of soft drinks with phthalate esters has been reported, thus the need for an analytical procedure for quantitative analysis of phthalate esters.


The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 FTIR spectrometer, with automated optical configurations and multiple sampling stations, is the ultimate materials analysis workstation for the entire polymer supply chain, from raw pellets to finished goods.


SampleArray automation assembles user-defined tube rack configurations at room temperature or -20°C and can be used with a range of systems.

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Gamma Ray Sensors

The metallurgical industry is one of the biggest users of gamma ray sensors for inventory, process control, and quality assurance. Learn the basic theory of gamma transmission gauging techniques found useful in mining, milling, and metal production for level and density measurement applications.

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