Online Non-Contact Measurement Gauges

Save on raw materials and improve yields

Whether your application is steel, aluminum, plastics, lithium-ion battery, or nonwovens manufacturing, our time-tested non-contact thickness measurement and coating weight gauges provide robust, reliable, accurate, and repeatable measurements and controls—helping to ensure your products meet the most precise specifications.

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Key industries that use online non-contact measurement systems

Gain efficiency, stay competitive, and meet the tightest tolerances with precise, real-time thickness and coating weight measurements during high-speed production of flat sheet steel.

Produce superior quality single and multilayer extruded films in high volume with our film thickness and barrier layer measurement gauges for film and sheet. We offer systems that are ideal for the food, medical, and specialty film markets.

Get reliable, online thickness measurement of aluminum and aluminum alloys with non-contact gauges specially designed to provide accurate readings, regardless of the alloy chemical composition or cladding layers in cold strip and foil mills.

Keep your manufacturing process running smoothly and ensure consistent production quality with our gauges for coating weight, coating thickness, barrier layers, and moisture measurements.

Ensure accurate thickness measurement of flat sheet non-ferrous metals. Our gauges employ application specific sensors, assuring reliable measurement of your specialty metals in their unique production environments.

Meet the specialty measurement and reporting requirements for nonwoven manufacturing with our basis weight and moisture measurement gauges for nonwovens and textiles.

Ensure the quality, consistency, and safety of separator film and electrode coatings with our thickness and coating weight measurement gauges for lithium-ion battery.

Meet strict manufacturing guidelines while saving raw material with our basis weight and thickness measurement gauges for vinyl calendering.

Produce high quality building materials with our thickness and coating weight measurement gauges for insulation, roofing, flooring and other building supplies.

Featured online non-contact measurement videos

Optimize your steel manufacturing process
Learn why Thermo Scientific metals thickness and coating weight measurement products make every stage of the steel-making process more efficient.

Optimize your web gauging manufacturing process
Learn how Thermo Scientific web thickness and coating weight systems ensure the performance of flat-sheet materials in the plastics and textiles industries.

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