Electrode loading analysis - reimagined


To make higher performance, safer batteries at competitive cost, battery manufacturers need to meet increasingly demanding levels of electrode coating uniformity. Thermo Scientific LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer harnesses the new analytical technique of mass profilometry to deliver significantly enhanced electrode quality assurance. Measuring complete edge-to-edge coating profiles in milliseconds, with exemplary resolution and precision, it inspects the entire electrode to provide full traceability for each electrode patch, stripe, or roll. Providing previously inaccessible levels of information and insight, LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer enables the responsive production control required to minimize transition times and scrap, while maximizing quality and yield.

A breakthrough in electrode loading uniformity analysis – 100% coverage

Linspector Battery Roll

Instrument features

100% electrode mass loading inspection

The first to deliver 100% mass loading distribution analysis, the LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer helps battery manufacturers to reduce scrap rate, reduce time to market, and improve process understanding and product performance.

From research and development to mass production

Whether you need rich data for the development of next generation batteries or to improve your mass production process capability, LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer delivers previously unattainable levels of resolution and precision for analyzing the entire electrode.

Real-time high-resolution data

LInspector Edge Pro Software facilitates the operation, management, and data visualization of coating uniformity inspection. Gain greater confidence with 1000X more data complete with high-resolution coating images in place of spot measurements obtained with conventional gauges.

Maximum uptime with minimum effort

The robust design gives it a head start when it comes to reliability, servicing, and maintenance. Comprehensive service offerings are available to support varying requirements from regular maintenance to Resident Engineers to support the demands of 24/7 production.

In-line metrology solutions for electrode manufacturing

Whether you need precise measurement of electrode coatings, separator films, or calendered electrodes, Thermo Scientific in-line measurement and control solutions are the preferred choice to help manufacturers efficiently produce safe, reliable, high-performance batteries.

Learn about LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer

Access our educational content, brochure, application notes, and video to learn more about the capabilities for analyzing electrode mass loading with the new LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer.

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