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We offer a complete line of non-contact metal thickness gauges for hot- and cold-rolling mills as well as metallic and non-metallic coating weight systems that provide precise, real-time measurements that meet the tightest specifications of any application while maximizing raw material use. Whether your end product is more than several inches or less than a millimeter thick, you can rely on us for accurate metal thickness or coating weight measurement and the highest quality finished products.

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Whether your application is steel, aluminum or non-ferrous, our non-contact thickness measurement and coating weight gauges provide precise, real-time measurements—helping to optimize mill yield and meet the tightest specifications of any application. 

Produce quality products while maintaining output and efficiency. We offer a complete portfolio of non-contact thickness and coating weight measurement gauges for hot- and cold-rolling mills that provide accurate, robust and repeatable measurements, while maximizing raw material use.

This app illustrates the application of Thermo Fisher Scientific solutions across the Integrated Steel plant workflow, from raw material handling to coke plant, sinter plant, blast furnace, hot rolling, cold rolling, coil coating, and lab equipment. Find out how you can leverage these solutions to optimize your steel plant operations.

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Do you know how to choose a metals thickness or coating weight gauging system that will work best for your application? Whether your business is steel, aluminum, or non-ferrous metals production, you'll find the information you need in the free eBook, A Practical Guide to Metals Gauging Systems.

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Learn why Thermo Scientific metals thickness and coating weight measurement products make every stage of the steel-making process more efficient.

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