Steel Gauge Thickness and Coating Weight Measurement Applications

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Steel is used in every aspect of our lives, from the buildings we live in, the cars we drive, to the containers that hold and transport our food. With its strength and flexibility, it is the ideal material for so many industrial and consumer applications. As steel is rolled from plate to coil and coil to sheet, operational efficiency depends on quality thickness and coating weight measurements. With over 65 years of experience, we understand the unique aspects of steel production lines and deliver robust steel thickness measurement systems that deliver. 

Steel thickness and coating weight measurement gauges

Thermo Scientific non-contact thickness gauges for hot strip mills provide reliable, repeatable process control data to identify operating issues, ensure product uniformity, and increase output.

Thermo Scientific thickness gauges for hot plate lines optimize the mill process with extremely high measurement accuracy at high speed, low noise, and with excellent cross-profile resolution—making them ideal for applications such as bridges, wind turbine towers, and ships.

Thermo Scientific coating weight gauges provide fast, accurate, non-contact coating weight measurement of metal coatings applied to flat sheet products, helping to ensure coating uniformity, product quality and raw materials savings.

This app illustrates the application of Thermo Fisher Scientific solutions across the Integrated Steel plant workflow, from raw material handling to coke plant, sinter plant, blast furnace, hot rolling, cold rolling, coil coating, and lab equipment. Find out how you can leverage these solutions to optimize your steel plant operations.

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Do you know how to choose a metals thickness or coating weight gauging system that will work best for your application? Whether your business is steel, aluminum, or non-ferrous metals production, you'll find the information you need in the free eBook, A Practical Guide to Metals Gauging Systems.

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Steel manufacturing process map

Check out this infographic for an overview of the products that make each stage of the iron and steel manufacturing process possible, from incoming raw materials to the final coating line.

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Video spotlight: Optimize your steel manufacturing process

Learn why Thermo Scientific metals thickness and coating weight measurement products make every stage of the steel-making process more efficient.

Steel Manufacturing
Manufacture clean steel that meets the most stringent customer requirements

Whether you’re producing steel from iron ore or scrap, and your end product is several inch-thick slabs or galvanized sheet less than a millimeter thick, we offer a complete range of technologies that improve each stage of the steel manufacturing production process, from incoming raw materials to the final coating line. Visit our Steel Manufacturing pages to find innovative technology for optimizing metals production and improving profitability.

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Download our free eBook to learn about Thermo Scientific products that improve each stage of the steel manufacturing production process to help you manufacture clean steel that meets the most stringent customer requirements.

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