Green hydrogen processes

Green hydrogen is gaining momentum as a potential fuel and energy carrier of the future. During the production of green hydrogen by electrolysis, purity is of utmost importance so the accurate analysis of hydrogen and other gases is critical for the successful creation of this potentially clean energy fuel.

Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers offer a robust range of features and are ideal tools for gas analysis in the production of green hydrogen, including:

  • Fast and precise real-time gas analysis (1 to 20 seconds per point) for accurate tracking of process dynamics
  • Dynamic ranges from ppm to 100%
  • Ultra-stable with >90 days interval between calibration
  • Fully automated and programmable analysis and calibration methods
  • Ultra-precise magnetic sector technology
  • Reliable, fault-tolerant design for availability of greater than 99.7%
  • Multi-stream inlet for measurement of up to 64 sample points
  • User friendly interface, no mass spectrometer experience required
  • Hydrogen & Oxygen purity and mixed gas streams on a single analyzer
  • Solutions for the laboratory and industrial plant
  • Worldwide support network from the industry leaders
  • Proven track record with >1,000 installations globally


Learn more about Gas Analysis and Hydrogen Purity Solutions

Learn more about gas analysis and hydrogen production

Every plant, facility, and customer is uniquely different. Our applications specialists are ready to speak to you about how our gas analysis and continuous monitoring solutions meet your distinct needs.

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Scalable Solution

Scalable solution

To support efforts from R&D through to full production scale, we have magnetic sector mass spectrometry solutions in the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Bench Top Process Mass Spectrometer and the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer.

Learn more about the Prima BT  Learn more about Prima PRO

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Thermo Fisher Scientific and CPH2 team up to give renewable hydrogen production the green light

Most developed nations have announced clean energy strategies to reduce their CO2 emissions, aiming to reach 'net zero' within the next few decades. The use of fossil fuels must soon become a thing of the past if this goal is to be realized, with alternative energy sources making up for the inevitable shortfall.

Attend a virtual webinar with Thermo Fisher Scientific marketer Daniel Merriman and lab technician Bridie Haxby of Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2) on demand to learn How online gas analysis mass spec helps electrolyzer developers increase their technology's efficacy and efficiency.


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