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In today’s semiconductor industry, gas impurities can be detrimental – resulting in poor device performance, production delays and revenue loss. With our APIX δQ and APIX Quattro gas analyzers, you can continuously measure bulk gases with more accurate analysis and lower detection limits than other technologies. Thanks to API-MS, advanced electronics and powerful software backed by our expertise, you now have a smart solution for quality control – protecting wafer production and avoiding significant costs.

The benefits:
  • Reliable, fully automatic system for online quality control
  • Superior sensitivity with lower detection capability of <10 ppt provides gas analysis suitable for the most stringent quality requirements
  • Automatic switching and calibration
  • Fast online measurement enables immediate response to gas supply upset conditions
  • Industry standard communications protocol for plant control and integration



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GasWorks Process MS Software
GasWorks Process MS Software

Thermo Scientific GasWorks Process MS software provides the unique and powerful interface for the Prima PRO, Prima BT, Sentinel PRO and APIX δQ Mass Spectrometers. The software has been designed to ensure that the process analyzer is simple to configure, operate, and maintain without any prior mass spectrometer experience for better process analytics.

The suite includes a wide range of functions and features. Whether the requirement is for a simple alarm indication in the event of a manufacturing process failure, or for complex data presentation for process understanding and control, Gasworks Software is well equipped to offer an effective solution.

  • Supports stand-alone analyzer operation
  • Sets no limits to the number of sample streams or analytical methods
  • Includes rigorous mathematical equations to deconvolute complex mixtures
  • Multi-layered security with expiring passwords and audit trail
  • Supports the integration of third-party analytical data

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