Analytical Instruments Used in Steel Manufacturing

Meet quality standards with versatile elemental analysis

Perform rapid, accurate analysis of trace and alloying elements throughout production. Our OES metal analyzers can be used at different production stages, while XRF is used for analysis of raw materials, slags and alloys. Analysis quality and speed can be further enhanced with our robotics-based platform that fully automates sample preparation, sample transfer and spectrometer operation. Our SEM/EDX system provides fast information for the inclusion size, shape, image, and composition a variety of product samples.

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Featured analytical instruments used in steel manufacturing

Obtain precise spectrochemical analysis of metals for quality control and production. Demanding steel plants, pure metals producers and companies needing the best determination of all the elements turn to the Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Series Optical Emission Spectrometer for high accuracy analysis of iron and steel from trace to alloying element levels. Optional methods using the Spark-DAT algorithms allow ultra-fast analysis of microinclusions, such as Al2 O3, CaO, Al2 O3 -CaO, MnS and CaS in steel.

Monitor the quality of incoming material and finished product with improved inclusion analysis and process control. The Explorer 4 Analyzer is the fourth generation of dedicated SEM/EDX solutions for industrial environments and data acquisition and features features a significant improvement in source life and ability to size smaller inclusions and particles for today's manufacturing environment. Report to ASTM E45, ASTM 2142, JIS G 0555, ISO 4967, DIN 50 602, and EN 10247 inclusion ratings for steel.

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Explorer 4 process map

Explorer 4 Analyzer for Industrial Manufacturing process map