detection of radiation sources commonly found in contaminated scrap metal

Detect radioactive scrap metal before it reaches the facility

Protect your metal recycling facility from orphan sources and radiation contamination with accurate, reliable detection of radiation commonly found in scrap metal. Our rugged drive-through detectors and monitoring devices provide full vertical coverage of vehicle loads for highly sensitive radiation detection. This technology can also be adapted for conveyor monitoring of incoming raw materials. For closer inspection of localized “hot” spots in the load, our Thermo Scientific handheld radiation detectors allow you to confirm the type of contamination and isolate it before it enters your facility.

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Prevent expensive plant decontamination and shutdown. Thermo Scientific ASM IV Automatic Scrap Monitoring Systems are configurable radiation monitors to prevent radioactive contamination from entering scrap metal and metal processing workflows. All ASM-IV radiation detectors are suited for portal monitoring applications that require the lowest possible alarm thresholds.

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