Leverage the power of mass spectrometry

Thermo Scientific high resolution mass spectrometry systems take discovery and sample analysis to new heights. We offer easy, high-throughput, quantitative workflows for proteins, drug metabolites, pesticides and many other applications. Whether you’re detecting disease biomarkers or performing forensic analysis on drugs of abuse, our mass spectrometers give you the resolution, accuracy, sensitivity, and throughput that you need to advance your science.

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Solve your most challenging applications with our high-performance GC-MS systems.

Identify quantify unknown compounds even in complex matrices with our precision LC-MS systems.

Identify and characterize organic and inorganic samples at ppm to sub-ppt levels.

Obtain unique insights into the history and origin of your compounds with precision and sensitivity. 

Identify and characterize high purity conductive and semi-conductive materials at or below the ppb range.

Simplify your MS analyses with our integrated software platforms and our extensive, searchable libraries.