The ultimate tool for direct analysis of high- purity solid materials

The ultimate tool for direct analysis of high- purity solid materials

Ensure that your high purity materials meet specifications with the ultrasensitive and accurate Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ GD PLUS GD-MS. GD-MS is the ultimate tool for direct analysis of metals, semiconductors, and ceramic powders such as Al2O3 or SiC. Depth profiling applications range from nanometer to 100µm thickness, with excellent semiquantitative capabilities.

Featured glow discharge mass spectrometer

Discover how to redefine the analysis of advanced high purity materials directly from the solid with the ELEMENT GD PLUS GD-MS. High sample throughput and extra low detection limits are provided with minimum calibration and sample preparation, making bulk metal, ceramic powder, and depth profiling applications the domain for GD-MS. Nonconductive powders are analyzed by using a secondary electrode approach, providing the same level of sensitivity and data quality. This makes GD-MS the reliable standard method for trace metal analysis.


Discover the benefits of glow discharge technology

Micro second pulsed, fast flow, high power

Unique technology provides excellent stability and accuracy, short analysis times with superior sensitivity and low levels of polyatomic interferences compared to static GD, and accuracies of ±30% for metals and alloys without calibration.

Double focusing mass spectrometer

High ion transmission combined with low background noise leads to incomparable signal to noise ratios and sub-ppb detection limits. Achieve maximum levels of selectivity and accuracy with high mass resolution.

12 orders of magnitude automatic detection system

Fully automatic detector with >12 orders of linear dynamic range enables determination of ultra-traces and matrix elements within a single scan.

State-of-the-art software suite for productivity and ease of use

Full computer control of all parameters enables fully automated analysis and data evaluation as well as LIMS connectivity with automatic data transfer.

Key characteristics
  • Unique design providing highest accuracy and widely adjustable sputter rates suitable for bulk analysis and depth profiling
  • High sensitivity for short analysis times
  • Fast and simple sample to sample switching
  • Low level of polyatomic interfaces without the need for cyro-cooling
  • Flexible cell for flat samples, pressed powders and pin samples
  • Plug-in cone and anode parts for quick exchange to avoid sample carry over
GD-MS Plus GD Mass Spectrometer Ion Source