FeaturesCombines best-in-class interference removal with speed of analysis for fast and reliable trace elemental analysisAdvanced interference removal and an additional quadrupole to suppress unwanted side reactionsElimination of interferences for ultrasensitive, reliable multi-element analyses at trace levels, without sample preparationCombines high-resolution, high-sensitivity and multicollection with innovative amplifier technology for multi-isotope analysis down to trace levels
Key TechnologySingle quadrupole + flatapole design QCell, automatically adjusted low mass cut offTriple quadrupole + flatapole design QCell
Reaction Finder Method Development Assistant for easy method development
Double-focusing magnetic sector field available with either discrete dynode detector or with additional single Faraday detectorDouble-focusing magnetic sector field with moveable Faraday collectors; also available with multiple ion-counting devices
Interference RemovalKinetic Energy Discrimination (KED), optional reactive gasesKinetic Energy Discrimination (KED), different reactive gasesPhysical interference removal using magnetic and electrostatic fields
ApplicationsHigh quality, high-throughput analysis in applied testing for environmental, food safety, industrial or pharmaceutical applications; challenging matricesFor applied testing applications or cutting-edge research analyses; suitable for high-matrix samplesSemiconductor, geological and material science laboratories, organic and inorganic solutions or solid matricesEarth and nuclear sciences, biochemistry, food, forensics and medical sciences that require high-precision isotope

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