Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

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Our innovative ICP-MS solutions are designed to meet the needs of all laboratories, from high-throughput and routine to cutting-edge research facilities. With advanced performance for reliable and accurate data generation and simple, intuitive workflows for ease-of-use, our ICP-MS instruments enable you to work smarter now and be ready for future challenges.

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Total elemental analysis at sub-ppt to ppm levels, this compact, benchtop system delivers powerful, highly sensitive trace detection, fast.

Advanced interference removal for high accuracy even in challenging analytical applications, plus unique ease-of-use. Includes the new solution for semiconductor analysis.

Class-leading elimination of interferences for ultra-sensitive, reliable multi-element analyses at trace levels, even without sample preparation.

Perform precise and accurate isotope ratio analysis in a wide variety of samples.

An intuitive, user-friendly platform software, designed to simplify workflows and maximize efficiency. Enable easy rotation of lab technicians with this common software solution.

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FeaturesTotal elemental analysis at sub-ppt to ppm levels, this compact, benchtop system quickly delivers powerful yet highly sensitive trace level detection.Advanced interference removal for incredible accuracy in challenging and semiconductor-based analytical applications, combined with unique ease-of-use.Class-leading elimination of interferences for ultrasensitive, reliable multi-element analyses at trace levels, even without sample preparation.Combines high resolution, high sensitivity and multicollection with the latest innovations in amplifier technology for multi-isotope analysis down to trace levels.
ApplicationsHigh quality, high-throughput analysis for routine labs that require sensitive detection limits. Perfect for challenging samples.From routine to research level analyses; for labs seeking to meet current and future regulations, expand into new markets or make new scientific breakthroughs. Suitable for high-matrix samples.Magnetic sector ICP-MS systems especially suitable for semiconductor, geological and material science laboratories, organic and inorganic solutions or solid matrices.Multicollector ICP-MS is the ultimate tool for studying Earth and nuclear sciences as well as biochemistry, food, forensics and medical sciences that require high-precision isotope ratio measurements.
Key TechnologySingle quadrupole + flatapole design QCellTriple quadrupole, including flatapole design QCellDouble focusing magnetic sector field available with either discrete dynode detector or with additional single Faraday detector.Double-focusing magnetic sector field with moveable Faraday collectors; also available with multiple ion counting devices.
Peripheral CompatibilityFull Integration of most LA, IC/LC and GC systems.Compatible with most LA, IC/LC and GC systems
AutomationEasily paired with a range of lab automation systems for ultimate throughput.
SoftwareQtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) softwareElement Software SuiteQtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) software

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This webcast will focus on different applications of LA-ICP-MS to directly analyze solid samples, starting from pure metals and geological samples up to biological matrices.

Trace Element Analysis Using ICP-MS for Environmental Samples

Trace Element Analysis Using ICP-MS for Environmental Samples

This webcast series focuses on both routine regulatory monitoring (Part I) and solutions to improve productivity and overcome the challenges of high-matrix samples (Part II). In addition, we will discuss the use of triple quadrupole ICP-MS to meet the needs of environmental researchers and specialty environmental applications.

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SQ-ICP-MS, TQ-ICP-MS or HR-ICP-MS - an easy guide to finding your perfect solution!

Intuitive workflows and intelligent features offered with Thermo Scientific Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS) software, simplify method development, increase throughput and minimize reruns. Productivity is enhanced through a ranfe of automated sample handling options, all managed within a logical dashboard interface.

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