Choose the Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ ICP-MS for a complete multi-element analysis solution for your high-throughput routine lab. With comprehensive interference removal for assured data accuracy and intuitive workflows to boost productivity, this single quadrupole (SQ) ICP-MS will expand your analytical capabilities.

Handle a broad variety of sample types with ease and accuracy for environmental, pharmaceutical compliance, clinical research, food safety, and geoscience exploration.

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Our user-inspired hardware and software maximizes ease-of-use and streamlines workflows to achieve 'right-first-time' analysis, essential to all busy laboratories.

Increase throughput, minimize sample re-runs and save analysts' valuable time and effort with intuitive features and broad compatibility with automated accessories.

  • 'Get Ready' one-click set-up for easy, reproducible analysis
  • Cone change in as little as 60 seconds
  • Fast, easy operation with quick-connect sample introduction components

Comprehensive interference removal achieved with our innovative QCell flatapole design assures data accuracy. Using a single helium Kinetic Energy Discrimination (He KED) mode, all analytes can be measured at sub-ppt levels, even lithium and beryllium.

  • Measure all analytes in a single helium Kinetic Energy Discrimination (He KED) mode
  • In He KED mode, even lithium and beryllium can be measured at sub ppt levels
  • Excellent interference removal with high ion transmission
  • Reactive gas capability targets specific interference ions for challenging applications

With its logical, problem-solving hardware design that meets real laboratory needs through minimized maintenance and maximized up-time, the iCAP RQ ICP-MS is a powerful, reliable workhorse analyzer. Run samples 24/7 with complete confidence.

  • Matrix tolerance and minimized drift in challenging samples, such as seawater
  • Reliable, robust plasma operation, even for volatile organic solvents such as 100% acetonitrile
  • Advanced heat management for long-term mass stability
  • Robust electronics and RF generator design

Choose from three dedicated interface types for maximum coverage of sensitivity and dynamic range

RobustLong-term analysis of dirty, high matrix samplesMinimal drift and reduced user maintenanceEnvironmental and routine industrial applications
High MatrixTypical, everyday matrix typesBest balance for sensitivity and matrix toleranceFood safety, pharmaceutical and drinking water analysis
High SensitivityAdvanced applications; e.g. laser, nanoparticlesBest signal to noise ration and lowest detectionGeoscience, advanced materials, research
Relative sensitivity
Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution Software

Intuitive workflows and intelligent features offered with Thermo Scientific Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) software, simplify method development, increase throughput and minimize reruns. Productivity is enhanced through a range of automated sample handling options, all managed within a logical dashboard interface.

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Need SQ-ICP-MS consumables and accessories?

Improve performance, convenience and flexibility with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer consumables and accessories designed specifically for your instrument.

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