Laboratories that face the challenge of analyzing trace elements in complex and diverse matrix samples need a solution that delivers results quickly, with minimum maintenance and labor costs. The Thermo Scientific iCAP RQplus ICP-MS provides the operational simplicity, robustness, and stability required to enable long-term daily analysis of varying matrices without drift, QC failures, or the need to re-run samples. Active monitoring of instrument performance and consumables with Thermo Scientific Hawk Consumables and Maintenance Assistant takes the guesswork out of maintenance, and further assures reliable, efficient, worry-free operation.

With the iCAP RQplus ICP-MS, enjoy:

  • EasyClick automatic-tensioning peristaltic pump, eliminating sample introduction variability and simplifies tubing replacement.
  • Trouble-free operation using a quick-connect torch and injector, with automatically aligned gas connections.
  • Fast cone cleaning with easy-access interface door.
  • Maximum sensitivity and optimized polyatomic interference removal using QCell technology with helium cell gas and kinetic energy discrimination.
  • No user maintenance is required downstream of the interface cones.

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Simplify your workflow with Qtegra Software
Simplify your workflow
  • Flexible software with an intuitive interface, the Thermo Scientific Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) Software provides simplified user experience via clearly structured method creation and user-configurable templates, easily interpretable data display, and comprehensive results reporting.
  • Automated report generation and export features, including full LIMS compatibility, make data management effortless.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11 is easily achieved via tools such as audit trailing, administrator / user access rights, and locked methods.
Automatically tensioned peristaltic pump
Power through challenging samples
  • Quick, error-free sample introduction system with unique, automatically tensioned peristaltic pump. Take the guesswork out of tubing replacement and eliminate sample introduction variability.
  • Immediately measure any sample type without prior manual dilution with three pre-set, next generation, self-optimizing online Argon Gas Dilution (AGD) modes. Varying sample matrices from USP water to brine can be analyzed in a single sequence without changing hardware using pre-configured, self-optimizing, individually selectable AGD configurations for each sample.
  • Minimize carryover and cross contamination through the intelligent design of the sample introduction system components. The resulting time savings is a game changer for the modern elemental laboratory running a wide variety of sample matrices. 
 Hawk Consumables and Maintenance Assistant dashboard
Automate reliable performance
  • Validatation of instrument performance prior to analysis is vital for smooth daily operations.
  • Be notified of areas that need attention before analysis begins with the one-click Get Ready feature which automatically checks performance.
  • Preemptively identify maintenance needs, avoid unplanned downtime, and aid audit preparation by comparing day-to-day performance over time to track trends.
  • Create customized alerts in addition to the eight default alerts that have been provided with the iCAP RQplus ICP-MS to help get the laboratory started with minimum effort. 

iCAP RQplus ICP-MS overview video

Intuitive workflows and intelligent features offered with Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) Software, simplify method development, increase throughput and minimize reruns. Productivity is enhanced through a range of automated sample handling options, all managed within a logical dashboard interface.

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The Hawk Consumables and Maintenance Assistant within the Qtegra ISDS Software supports the laboratory by keeping track of and displaying notifications when important maintenance activities are recommended. This is possible through a suite of alerts that can be customized to the standard operating procedure of the laboratory.

  Read Hawk Assistant technical note ›

Improve performance, convenience and flexibility with SQ-ICP-MS consumables & accessories designed specifically for your instrument.

Learn how the iSC-65 Autosampler offers exceptional performance in streamlining workflows and sample throughput.

The iSC-65 Autosampler: Your workflow's perfect partner

The Thermo Scientific iSC-65 Autosampler has been designed with reliability from the ground up to ensure all samples are analyzed the first time.

  • Efficiency and productivity: The iSC-65 Autosampler allows sample-specific probe depths, avoiding unnecessary reruns due to blocked sample introduction systems. With the advanced Step Ahead feature, the autosampler probe is sent to rinse while data is still being acquired, using sample in the probe line to complete the analysis. 
  • Durable and robust design: Acid-resistant construction ensures confident sampling as well as longevity and robust operation in laboratory environments.
  • Visual feedback: Through LED lighting, provides clear, easy-to-see visual feedback at a distance on autosampler and analysis run status for technicians in crowded laboratories.
  • Software integration: Native Qtegra ISDS Software plugin allows user to control all automation parameters, including alignment, individual depth locations, pump speed, XYZ movement speeds, and direction of sampling sequences.
  • Unattended analyses: With the advanced quality control capabilities in Qtegra ISDS Software, the iSC-65 Autosampler instils confidence in high-throughput, unattended ICP-OES and ICP-MS analyses.
  • Low contamination sample introduction: Utilize the iSC-65 Autosampler with the Thermo Scientific iCAP Qnova Series ICP-MS to eliminate manual sample introduction and the potential of contamination when analyzing ultra-pure high sensitivity samples.
Single cell analysis

Single Cell Analysis allows for quantification of trace elemental components and particle size or mass distribution in a wide range of sample types. Applications include polymers and plastics, as well as cellular biological samples such as yeast, proteins, and DNA. In combination with special sample introduction hardware, Thermo Scientific scQuant Software Plugin for Qtegra ISDS Software provides microsecond-rate time resolved analysis of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer data and enables researchers to plot mass distribution of non-homogenous cell cohorts.


Environmental applications for SQ-ICP-MS

Measure both trace and major analytes in recurrent and challenging samples with confidence. Optimize productivity and accuracy for your elemental analysis using pre-defined AGD sample dilution modes and trusted He KED collision cell interference removal.

Whether you are monitoring drinking water, wastewater, or soil digests, the high-throughput iCAP RQplus ICP-MS meets the demands of environmental analysis methods such as US EPA 200.8, US EPA 6020A, and the European ISO/DIN methods.

Food safety applications for SQ-ICP-MS
Food safety

Rapid and robust, simultaneous measurement of toxic and essential elements for food quality and safety confirmation is routinely achievable with the iCAP RQplus ICP-MS. A full set of integrated QC features ensures compliance with the requirements of food safety legislation and regulations.

Extend your applied analytical laboratory capabilities by coupling ion chromatography (IC) or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with the iCAP RQplus ICP-MS to speciate critical elements such as chromium, arsenic, and mercury in food materials.

Industrial applications for SQ-ICP-MS

Whether you are running low-level alloy QA/QC analysis or qualifying advanced materials in the battery, clean energy, and metallurgy industries, the iCAP RQplus ICP-MS can be easily configured to meet your analysis needs. Reliable and robust plasma generation enables you to obtain quality results from complex, variable matrix samples, including organic materials such as petroleum, kerosene, and organic solvents. With the QCell interference removal system, accurate and precise results are assured, even in complex matrix samples.


Improving productivity with argon gas dilution with ICP-MS

Combat the typical challenges of signal drift, QC failures, and loss of sensitivity, leading to repeated sample measurements, adversely impacting productivity of an analytical laboratory, with AGD. 

  Read AGD productivity technical note ›

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