Gas IRMS Peripherals

Tracing the history of samples by their isotope fingerprints

Chemical and physical processes leave traces in the isotopic fingerprint of samples. Nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen preserve the information related to those processes in their isotope ratios. Our comprehensive portfolio of gas IRMS peripherals helps you access unique sample information and gain conclusive insights in food and beverage testing, forensics, archaeology, ecology and geosciences.

IRMS peripherals

EA-IRMS: Reach higher chromatography peaks
EA-IRMS: Reach higher chromatography peaks

With the EA IsoLink IRMS System, laboratories have an automated, easy-to-use solution for elemental and isotopic analysis. With dedicated helium-saving technology and integration of temperature ramped gas chromatography, analyses are quick and cost-efficient for origin and authenticity determination of samples in a variety of fields: ecology, biology, archaeology, geosciences, food integrity, and forensics.

GasBench II System: Flexibility, sensitivity, dynamic range
GasBench Plus System: Flexibility, sensitivity, dynamic range

The GasBench Plus System fits a diverse range of applications, from natural isotope variation to beverage authenticity and metabolism testing. Automated range recognition and autodilution combine with a dual viscous flow inlet system, resulting in precision, sensitivity and a large dynamic range, as well as fast delivery of pure analyte from complex gas mixtures.

Powerful GC-IRMS separations
Powerful GC-IRMS separations

The GC IsoLink II IRMS System creates a seamless solution that combines the separation capabilities of GC with the superior detection power of IRMS. In addition to providing scientists with a wealth of information on compound origin, metabolic, synthetic and diagenetic pathways, the GC IsoLink II IRMS System can be connected with GC/GC-MS techniques to reveal unknown compounds.

LC-IRMS for specific compounds from bulk liquid samples
LC-IRMS for specific compounds from bulk liquid samples

The LC IsoLink IRMS System facilitates the analysis of organic samples in liquid form. By connecting an HPLC system with IRMS, reproducible and accurate on-line determination of 13C/12C isotope ratios can be performed for a variety of applications in the fields of metabolism, food and beverage testing, pharmaceutical development, doping control, and biogeochemistry.

IRMS peripherals schematics

Detecting Clues, tracking Origin, unraveling History with isotope fingerprints
Isotope fingerprints: Finding clues, tracking origins and unraveling history

History can't hide from the isotope hunter. Geography, geology and growth conditions of foods, fibers, liquids and stone are embedded in their unique isotope fingerprints. Trace your sample history with our complete portfolio of IRMS systems.

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Qtegra ISDS Software for Gas IRMS

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