Investigators can track origins, authenticity, and trace identity using the isotopic fingerprints (isotopic signatures) that are left behind in food, fiber, liquid, or stone. Isotope mass spectrometry (IRMS) can help identify the isotopic signatures that provide information about a geographic region, botanical processes, soil, or fertilization processes. Capture the stories hidden in your samples with the Thermo Scientific portfolio of isotope ratio mass spectrometers. 

Isotopic fingerprints help uncover the history of your samples

Samples have unique chemical signatures, or fingerprints, that provide clues to their histories. Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) can help visualize these fingerprints. IRMS traces carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen isotopes by detecting their natural variations, revealing the origin and history of samples.

Learn how to test for origin and authenticity of food and beverage samples.

Learn how to test environmental samples to identify contaminants as well as the origin of pollutants.

Learn how to examine forensic samples for their origins and unravel doping cases.

GC IsoLink II IRMS System

Gas chromatography IRMS

By combining the separation power of GC with IRMS, the Thermo Scientific GC IsoLink II IRMS System progresses the performance of compound analysis.

Learn more about GC IsoLink II IRMS ›

LC IsoLink IRMS System

Liquid chromatography IRMS

Coupling HPLC and IRMS, the Thermo Scientific LC IsoLink IRMS System facilitates sensitive, accurate online determination of 13C/12C ratios.

Learn more about LC IsoLink IRMS ›

EA IsoLink IRMS System

Elemental analysis IRMS

The Thermo Scientific EA IsoLink IRMS System increases throughput, reduces cost per sample, and provides high-precision elemental and isotopic analysis.

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GasBench Plus System

GasBench IRMS

The Thermo Scientific GasBench Plus IRMS System provides a solution for high-precision, online isotope and molecular ratio determination of gaseous samples.

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Isotope hunter e-learning

Become an Isotope Hunter with this e-learning series

This e-learning module will introduce you to isotope fingerprints and how they are used to find answers to sample origin and authenticity. You will learn:

  • What are isotope fingerprints?
  • How can we detect an isotope fingerprint?
  • Where can isotope fingerprints be applied?
  • What are examples of applications of isotope fingerprints for food integrity, environmental forensics, criminal forensics, doping control, etc.

Start your journey to become an Isotope Hunter today ›

Isotope Fingerprints Compendium

Isotope fingerprints compendia

Are you performing origin analysis? In the compendia you will get an introduction to how isotope fingerprints are used for origin and authenticity for food integrity applications and forensic investigations.

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