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Mass spec ionization that is on the faster path to MS analysis

If you are dealing with a rising backlog of samples due to an insufficient chromatography-based solution, the Thermo Scientific VeriSpray PaperSpray ion source for mass spectrometry is a valuable alternative solution for MS analysis. This paper spray ionization technique provides direct sample analysis capability with your triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, eliminating the need for chromatographic based separation, simplifying your workflow, getting to results faster, and reducing cost per test.

VeriSpray PaperSpray ion source for mass spectrometry

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Learn about how the VeriSpray ion source for mass spectrometry enables quick and cost-effective triple quadrupole mass spectrometry analysis without the hassle of complex chromatographic-based separations.

Key benefits of VeriSpray paper spray ionization technique

Reduce sample turnaround prior to MS analysisLower costs per testSeamless data acquisitions and processing
Run up to 240 samples unattended for high throughput analysis of unprocessed samples. MS results can be generated in less than 2 minutes due to minimal sample preparation and the elimination of chromatography using the ion source.Bring more MS based tests in house with the easy-to-use VeriSpray ion source that does not require any chromatography user background. Decrease your solvent consumption and bid farewell to instrument maintenance costs.VeriSpray ion source can be directly controlled by the TSQ Series II ICSW 3.2 Tune editor which includes method templates for workflows. Utilize the Thermo Scientific Xcalibur 4.2 SP1 for easy and efficient data processing.

A remarkably simplified workflow with VeriSpray ion source

Direct MS-based ionization of complex sample matrices spotted on a paper using the VeriSpray ion source instead of time-consuming sample preparation and chromatography. VeriSpray paper spray ionization technology is a fast, easy sample introduction technique that uses a direct sampling process that introduce samples to the mass spectrometer via electrospray ionization. It simply adds sample and solvent to the paper cartridge and loads it into the system.

VeriSpray ion source for mass spectrometry lowers costs per test

The VeriSpray ion source allows use of “dilute and shoot” methods to minimize solvent consumption and time-consuming sample preparation steps like derivatization. By making the specificity and sensitivity of mass spectrometry results available to non-experts, you can run more tests in your analytical testing lab, saving money spent on sample send-outs.

Fast quantification of antifungal drugs with the VeriSpray ion source coupled to Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis mass spectrometer.

Quantification of antifungal drugs with the VeriSpray ion source coupled to the TSQ Altis mass spectrometer
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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