Orbitrap exploris 120 ms productivity redfined
Orbitrap Exploris 120 Mass Spectrometer

The new standard in productivity

The proven Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology in the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer accelerates your route to qualitative and quantitative confidence for both method development and everyday testing purposes. With its unique ability to provide consistently accurate data and a design made for operational simplicity, it sets the new standard in instrument productivity and ruggedness.

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Introducing the Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer

Productivity for analytical laboratories has been redefined. Discover how the Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer is the solution for your next generation laboratory, bringing similar time saving benefits to your professional life as consumer technology has brought to our personal lives.

Hear directly from the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Iowa State University about how the Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer enables them to provide high quality service to their clients who quickly need results in a variety of sample types.

Key benefits of the Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer

Confidently perform high-throughput qualitative and quantitative analysis Keep your laboratory running seamlessly with the new standard in instrument ruggedness Focus on driving results with faster method set-up
Spend less time questioning your results with the unique ability of Orbitrap high-resolution, accurate-mass spectrometers (HRAM) to provide accurate results and reduce false positives or negatives. Confidently resolve ions of interest from interfering ions with high mass resolution up to 120,000 at m/z 200 for both method development and everyday testing analyses. Maximize return on your investment with capabilities that minimize downtime. Perform a single, stable calibration for the entire mass range from m/z 40-3000. With an improved scan rate up to 22 Hz, maximize your compound coverage with confidence. The ability to do both positive and negative mode switching ensures you analyze twice as many analytes in the same sample. Empower high-resolution MS users by giving them the ability to analyze samples using ready-to-run method templates. Minimize time spent on software training for Thermo Scientific MS users with a common software user interface for data acquisition.


How the Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS works

Discover how the Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS instrument enables you to prioritize your time on making critical decisions which impact the future of you or your client's organization. The latest instrument capabilities have been designed with the sole purpose of putting you on the fast path to accurate, reportable results. Leave the lab at the end of the day feeling productive and accomplished.

New high-field Orbitrap mass analyzer increases resolving power Boost data quality with Advanced quadrupole technology (AQT) Ultimate ruggedness with Thermo Scientific OptaMax NG ion source
Increased resolution and speed up to 120,000 resolution and 22 Hz scan speed. MS/MS precursor ion selection with high transmission from m/z 40 to 3,000. Efficient, heated electrospray ionization (H-ESI II) probe to deliver maximum performance with minimal optimization. You do have the option of the APCI probe which can be upgraded to APPI.
Orbitrap Exploris 120 etozazole isopyrazam spectra

Full-scan mass spectrum of Etoxazole and Isopyrazam, measured using the Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer at a resolution (R) setting up to 120,000 (FWHM) at m/z 200, demonstrates outstanding resolving power.

Access sub-ppm mass accuracy for at least five days with the Thermo Scientific EASY-IC ion source. With automated internal calibrant delivery, the EASY-IC ion source saves you time so you can quickly return to running your samples. Use the Thermo Scientific Pierce FlexMix calibration solution to perform a single calibration for the full mass range of m/z 40–3000, in both positive and negative modes.

Orbitrap Exploris 120 easy LC internal calibration

Through the use of Thermo Scientific EASY-IC ion source, sub-ppm mass accuracy is consistently delivered without user-intervention for at least five days. A panel of veterinary drugs with m/z range from 160…900 was analyzed at 100 µg/L over a 15-day period with continual polarity switching, providing exceptional mass accuracy.

The Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer has demonstrated its ability to consistently deliver desired results on multiple instruments.

Orbitrap system consistency

To assess LC-HRAM MS system-to-system reproducibility, two operators at two different locations analyzed the same sample of veterinary drug residues in bovine muscle matrix on two separate systems. The minimal 5.1% average difference observed in analyte concentrations demonstrates high reproducibility across both Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer systems.

Orbitrap Exploris 120 peak area

Long term system robustness demonstrated for pesticides in olive oil over 250 injections with polarity switching.

The Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer triggers even more precursor ions for MS/MS with an improved scan rate of up to 22 Hz so you can turn around sample results confidently. If you want to run shorter UHPLC gradients, you can do so with excellent resolution, sensitivity and mass accuracy.

Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS fast scan rate

Quantitation of all compounds in bovine muscle matrix is easily achieved by fast scan speeds, even when multiple precursor ion m/z isolation windows are selected for the DIA experiment.

The Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer enables positive and negative mode switching with a single cycle completed in approximately 1.4 Hz. Compared to other high-resolution MS instruments, the mass resolution and mass stability do not need to recover after polarity switching, saving you time.

Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS rapid polarity switching

Full scan MS data acquired for 90 ng/g Zearalenone in corn feed demonstrates preservation of mass accuracy stability during polarity switching.

Being able to focus on your science, rather than experimental set-up through ready-to-use application-specific method templates, means that the next breakthrough is closer than ever before. The Thermo Scientific Method Editor and Tune ecosystem deliver intuitive method programming with pre-defined (yet fully editable) templates for the most popular experiments.

MethEdit Orbitrap Exploris 480 Flow

Move from method set up to analysis quickly using ready-to-use application-specific templates.

If you’re an experienced triple quadrupole MS user, performing quantitation on an Orbitrap HRAM MS instrument will require the use of different scan modes. There are multiple scan modes, but listed below are the most popular ones. Keep in mind the importance of specifying narrow mass ranges especially if your analyses require increased sensitivity or selectivity. The quadrupole excludes any ions that are not in the user-defined mass range enabling higher quality results.

  • Full Scan MS – most predominantly used due to comprehensive, high-quality quantitative data provided. Once a mass range is defined to capture all relevant ions, rest assured detection of all compounds in that range will be measured.
  • Targeted Selected Ion Monitoring (t-SIM) – used for analyses requiring higher sensitivity because you can set a narrow mass range (as narrow as 0.4 Da).
  • Targeted -MS2 (t-MS2 formerly Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM)) – used for analyses in complex samples requiring additional selectivity. A fragmentation-based acquisition mode, Targeted-MS2 provides more selectivity because a high-resolution product ion spectrum is created for only desired precursor ions based on the inclusion list.

How to select the best Orbitrap mass spectrometer scan mode for your application

Selecting the best Orbitrap mass spectrometer scan mode for your application

The scan modes available permit transfer of almost any triple quadrupole or Q-TOF-based method to an Orbitrap mass analyzer environment, with comparable, or even enhanced sensitivity, selectivity, and dynamic range. Depending on the particular problem presented by an analytical method, different scan functions and experiments can be used. For best results, methods should be migrated in a way that fully utilizes the capabilities of Orbitrap mass analyzer technology.

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Proven Orbitrap HRAM MS instrument design for next-generation laboratories

With a focus on robustness, reliability, performance and size, the highly-optimized design permits a compact physical footprint.

Orbitrap HRAM instrument design
Tomorrow's Quantitation Compendium

Tomorrow's Quantitation Compendium

Developing robust quantitation assays is possible with both triple quadrupole and Orbitrap-based high-resolution MS instruments. Both technologies enable confident quantitation in a variety of sample types. Access a comprehensive list of methods and publications for multiple sample types using both technologies.

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Free on-demand webinar: Multi-residue analysis in complex matrices: Selecting the best Orbitrap MS scan mode for your application

Free on-demand webinar: Multi-residue analysis in complex matrices: Selecting the best Orbitrap MS scan mode for your application

Selecting the proper acquisition mode(s) is essential if trace analytes are to be quantified in complex matrix extracts. This is particularly important in the field of multi-residue analysis (eg, pesticides or veterinary drugs in food samples) where a large number of analytes in a complex matrix must be detected and reliably quantified. In this webinar Anton Kaufmann describes the strengths and the limitations of Orbitrap acquisition modes to meet specific detection and quantification performance criteria.

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Data analysis software: Streamline small molecule qualitative and quantitative assays

Connecting small molecule unknown identification and characterization through to screening and quantitation doesn’t just stop at data acquisition across multiple platforms. Now that you have acquired comprehensive, high-quality MS and MS2 data, you need to identify and characterize unknowns and transfer discovery knowledge through to every day testing.

Which data analysis software is right for you?

Needs Compound Discoverer software TraceFinder software Chromeleon CDS software
Non-targeted screening (unknown knowns and unknown unknowns)
Targeted screening (known unknowns)
Non-targeted and targeted quantitation
Targeted quantitation only (known knowns)
Complex targeted panel analysis
GxP/21 CFR Part 11 compliance capable
Library compatibility
Thermo Scientific Chromatography and source compatibility
Third Party Instrument Control
= Not applicable = Poor = Good = Better = Best

Our connected data processing software ecosystem streamlines interpretation of your high-confidence discovery data through powerful Thermo Scientific Compound Discoverer software with direct access to the world’s largest LC-MSn reference spectral library, Thermo Scientific mzCloud, or through utilization of offline or proprietary libraries. These libraries act as your knowledge repository and allow direct transfer through to everyday screening and quantitation using Thermo Scientific TraceFinder software.

Confident identification for unknown small molecules

Confident decisions can only be made when using extensive, high-quality spectral libraries. With exhaustive and chemically diverse high-resolution MSn fragmentation spectra, know more unknowns using mzCloud, the world’s largest LC-MSn reference spectral library, delivering powerful characterization and identification capabilities.

Confident identification for unknown small molecules

For offline mzCloud access, or the ability to curate your own proprietary libraries, Thermo Scientific mzVault allows you to store and share knowledge across our qualitative and quantitative application packages to drive confident decision making.

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Go from spectra to structure and data to knowledge

Go from spectra to structure and data to knowledge

Transform small molecule data, whether a small or large dataset, from full-scan and MS2 data into known compounds and molecular pathways. Compound Discoverer software offers a full suite of advanced software tools for known-compound and unknown compound identification. Streamline compound identification, identification of real differences between samples and elucidate biological pathways with integrated, powerful software workflows to drive rapid insights from your valuable data.

No matter what your small molecule research application, from metabolomics to biomarker discovery, environmental and food safety, pharma metabolite or impurity identification, extractables and leachables to forensic or clinical toxicology, Compound Discoverer software offers a unique approach to small molecule structural identification analysis.

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Simplifying high-throughput screening and quantitation

Simplifying high-throughput screening and quantitation

Driven by powerful and intuitive acquisition and data processing tools, TraceFinder software provides rapid access to your results and increases output across the entire laboratory, with direct target input from Compound Discoverer software and access to mzVault for additional confirmation through MS2 spectral matching for screening.

Smart sample flagging, flexible data review, and custom report generation remove bottlenecks associated with data review and simplify sample analysis at each step of the process.

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Implement HRAM-MS within regulated environments with the necessary tools

Implement HRAM-MS within regulated environments with the necessary tools

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) is the first CDS that combines separation (GC/IC/LC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) in an enterprise (client/server) environment. With comprehensive MS-specific data views, data processing, and reporting capabilities, merging the benefits of Chromeleon CDS software with our leading MS instrumentation and application expertise provides a superior answer to productivity challenges within the analytical laboratory.

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Chromeleon CDS for MS

Chromeleon CDS software for MS

  • Full, native control of more than 25 MS instruments including high-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) MS instruments
  • Supports all acquisition modes including tuning and calibration
  • Remote networked instrument control with real-time status viewing, method and run control, and data processing and reporting

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Simplify your instrument management

Simplify your instrument management

Review and share instrument history, stay updated on current acquisition status, and prepare for what’s next all from one accessible productivity tool.

The Thermo Scientific Almanac application maintains an instrument logbook and recent utilization statistics for your connected mass spec. Real-time acquisition status can be assessed anytime and anywhere by visiting the secure Almanac webpage or mobile app, or by configuring real-time alerts that will get delivered through either email or the mobile app.

Finally, if you have a problem on any of your configured instruments, request technical support with a single click through the Almanac Agent.

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Strategies for making small-molecule unknowns known

Complete characterization and identification of small molecules is an important task, whether it is for better understanding of how our bodies interact with drugs, tracing the environmental fate of pesticides, developing new compounds, protecting brand reputations, or performing fundamental research. Learn more when you download our eBook.

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Common applications for Orbitrap Exploris 120 Mass Spectrometer

To perform method development and everyday testing with confidence, you need a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflow solution that is relevant to your laboratory’s goals. The Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS instrument can be used for a variety of applications, including clinical research, environmental and food safety, forensic toxicology, and pharmaceutical analysis.


Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer ordering guide


Hear from Dr. Alexander Makarov, inventor of the Orbitrap mass analyzer, discuss 20 years of Orbitrap innovations. He leads us through the introduction of the Orbitrap analyzer in 1999 to the commercialization and introduction of Orbitrap Tribrid and Orbitrap Exploris mass spectrometers.

LC-MS webinar series

LC-MS webinar series

Expand your application knowledge

Our LC-MS on-demand webinar series expands your application knowledge for pharma, biopharma, environmental, omics, food, forensics and clinical research and more. Learn how the latest high-performance mass spectrometry solutions can enable your laboratory to solve your most pressing analytical challenges, regardless of sample type.