Discovery to validation at unprecedented scale

A new paradigm for targeted quantitation. Move biomarker candidates from discovery to validation more efficiently, confidently, and at lower cost with breakthroughs in extended scale, massive throughput, higher sensitivity, greater specificity, and unrivaled productivity.


The Thermo Scientific Stellar Mass Spectrometer introduces revolutionary technology combining robust quantitation with the specificity of rapid full scan MSn acquisition creating unrivaled improvements in laboratory productivity.

Highlights of the Stellar Mass Spectrometer

Empower your laboratory to move beyond discovery-based translational research

Stellar mass spectrometers deliver unprecedented productivity to stratify biomarker candidates for transition to validation.

Stellar MS drives unprecedented laboratory productivity for biomarker verification

Drive productivity and enjoy next-level quantitative performance for more analytes, with greater sensitivity and specificity, using faster LC gradients.

End-to-end LC-MSn workflows drive translational research advancement

Reach new research frontiers while simplifying your process. Solve challenging applications with innovative workflow components that improve productivity.