Metabolomics Mass Spectrometry – Broader and deeper metabolomics analysis

Broader, deeper metabolomics analysis

Mass spectrometry is a leading technology used in metabolomics and lipidomics analyses due to its wide dynamic range, reproducible quantitative analysis and ability to analyze complex samples. Aside from its wide applicability in many life science research areas, metabolomics workflows have also proven useful in other research areas such as the food and beverage industry, agriculture and biofuels.

This section illustrates how mass spectrometry helps you meet your research challenges; it also provides information on how you can find the right solution for your own unique needs.

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Metabolomics Software Solutions


Metabolomics mass spectrometry subtopics

Overview of Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics

Metabolites are inherently complex, are frequently found in complex matrices, and have a wide dynamic range. Fortunately, innovations in mass spectrometry have enabled significant advances in metabolomics research. Learn more about the benefits of mass spectrometry and what you should consider in a metabolomics-focused MS system.

Practical Guide to Metabolomics

There are several challenges that metabolomics researchers face, from finding the appropriate sample preparation technique to choosing the best analytical solution. Using our guide, learn more about how you can best address your research technique questions.

Metabolomics Data Analysis

Metabolomics analysis typically involves very large sample sets, resulting in the production of complex data. Transforming these data into meaningful results requires sophisticated yet robust software. This section educates you on how to choose the data analysis tools that are best suited for your laboratory’s needs.

Metabolomics Workflows

Several approaches to metabolomics research are available depending on the goal. The untargeted discovery approach can be used to identify putative biomarkers and to better understand metabolic and biological phenomena. Targeted approaches are best suited to known compound analysis. Learn more about each approach and the components that make up each workflow.

Lipidomics Workflows

Lipidomics, which is a subset of metabolomics, is a quickly growing area of research and encompasses both untargeted discovery and targeted screening and quantitation. Learn more about each approach and the components that make up each workflow.

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