Separation Techniques for Metabolomics – Addressing the challenges of chemically diverse metabolites

Addressing the challenges of chemically diverse metabolites

Endogenous metabolites are chemically diverse and vary in their abundance. For comprehensive metabolite coverage to be successful, multiple separation techniques are needed. Thermo Scientific delivers the most comprehensive breadth in separations with gas, liquid and ion chromatography systems, columns and chemistries. When combined with leading Orbitrap MS systems, our solutions enable broader and deeper analyses into the metabolome.

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GC-MS produces reproducible molecular fragmentation patterns, making it an integral tool for metabolite identification. Accurate mass electron ionization (EI) fragment patterns are also suitable for matching against widely available libraries, while offering HRAM for more in-depth characterization.

Ion chromatography has emerged as an orthogonal technique for the separation of charged or very polar compounds. IC-MS, with the Dionex ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore HPIC Systems, complements RP LC-MS by separating the early eluting metabolites to increase metabolite coverage. 


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