Proteomics Mass Spectrometry

Discover the proteome with mass spectrometry

The complexities of the proteome require state-of-the-art sample preparation, separation, mass spectrometry, and software solutions. Successful laboratories combine these components into an integrated workflow that maximizes productivity. Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass spectrometers, combined with our scientific network, publications, and pioneering solutions, enable broader and deeper analyses into the nature of the proteome.

Our industry-leading liquid chromatography (LC) separations technologies, combined with the technical depth of our systems and consumables, together produce stringent, reproducible results for high-impact discoveries.

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Large-scale proteomics experiments are typically analyzed at the peptide level. The gold standard for peptide separation in bottom-up proteomics is reversed phase (RP)-LC because it offers the broadest peptide coverage. RP separation using Thermo Scientific low-flow systems, such as the Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC 1200 System and the UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano System, is easily integrated into proteomics workflows. These systems also seamlessly combine with Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass spectrometers.

Peptide identification from complex mixtures requires that the LC eluent be analyzed by mass spectrometry. LC samples easily combine with Orbitrap-based platforms, including the Orbitrap Eclipse and Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometers. Targeted quantitation is usually performed on triple quadrupole systems such as the Thermo Scientific TSQ Endura Triple Quadrupole MS; the HRAM and MS/MS capabilities of Orbitrap-based systems can also be employed.

Mass spectrometry–based proteomics experiments produce very large datasets. Peptides and proteins need to be identified from the MS/MS spectra; statistical significance of the identified peptides/proteins as well as their meaningful biological information must be extrapolated. Our proteomics software suite, including Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer Software, is specifically designed to mine complex HRAM data generated from Orbitrap technology, identify MS/MS peptides and proteins, and convert large datasets into meaningful results.