Putting the media in media fills

Supporting seamless simulations


Media fills play a crucial role in validating aseptic processing procedures and assessing potential contamination risk. At the core of effective media fills is the quality of the culture media used. Our commitment is to provide you with high quality media to ensure the reliability and integrity of your media fills.


Explore our range of pharmacopoeia harmonized cold filterable media available in both dehydrated culture media and bioprocess container formats to suit your needs, as well as our triple wrap contact and settling plates for environmental monitoring. And, complete your workflow with our ISO 17034-certified quality control microorganisms for growth promotion testing.


By simulating aseptic manufacturing processes, media fills help detect and mitigate potential contamination risks, safeguarding the quality of pharmaceutical products. Learn more about key considerations in developing a robust media fill program.

For Laboratory Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.