Dehydrated culture media convenience formats

Your culture media preparation simplified

Don’t let culture media preparation become a bottleneck for your food testing laboratory. Whether you’re preparing media in batches of just one liter or hundreds of liters at a time, we have dehydrated culture media (DCM) formats that can reduce hands-on and processing time, and free up your resources for other operations. 

BPW pre-weigh sachets

Improve the efficiency of your media kitchen workflow with ‘rip and tip’ sachets. A range of our most frequently-used and well-characterized Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ dehydrated culture media is available in a handy pre-weighed foil package presentation. This convenient format removes the time-consuming requirement to weigh out culture media powder.

Don’t let enrichment media and diluent preparation time prevent you from maximizing test throughput rates and efficiencies. Our scalable range of pre-weighed Thermo Scientific™ Bagged Enrichment Media eliminates the need for weighing and sterilization of dehydrated culture media, drastically cutting the number of hands-on points and time to availability for your key primary enrichment media and diluents.


Enrich your efficiency

Learn how to improve your media preparation workflow. Make the most of your laboratory time with more streamlined sample enrichment and preparation solutions.