Bagged enrichment media

Streamline media preparation. Ready. Set. Keep your lab on the go.

Increase productivity by decreasing culture media preparation time with Thermo Scientific™ Bagged Enrichment Media. Designed for media preparation in minutes, this scalable range of solutions eliminates the need for weighing and autoclaving of dehydrated culture media, enabling you to quickly meet testing demands and focus your resources on higher value activities. Work with confidence knowing that your media will be ready to go when you are, and your sample preparation and testing won’t be held up.

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FitBag Enrichment Media

Save storage space and preparation time with pre-weighed, ready-to-rehydrate Thermo Scientific™ FitBag™ Enrichment Media. Prepare when convenient: just fill with deionized water, break the seal and mix, for media that’s ready to dispense in under 10 minutes. Reduce waste and increase your confidence of quality with a rehydrated, in use shelf-life of 10 days and certification provided by an ISO/IEC17025 accredited QC laboratory.

QuickBag Enrichment Media

Reduce the need for extra handling and the risk of contamination during enrichment media preparation with Thermo Scientific™ QuickBag™ Media, which are supplied with pre-weighed media and pre-filled water compartments. Just break the seal, mix and start dispensing as needed. QuickBag Media has the added convenience of a validated shelf-life of 10 days once rehydrated, along with the QC release being in accordance with ISO11133:2014 and testing performed in an ISO17025 accredited QC laboratory.

Dry-Bags Enrichment Media

Make bulk enrichment media preparation more convenient with Thermo Scientific™ Dry-Bags™ Media, available in 20 liter format. Simply add deionized water to the media in the pre-filled bag and be ready to dispense in less than half an hour.

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