BPW pre-weigh sachets

Streamline your workflow with dehydrated culture media in a convenient pre-weigh format

Lighten the load with pre-weigh sachets

As a trusted supplier of a broad range of high quality culture media, our products are used in thousands of microbiology laboratories every day around the world. That means thousands of scientists in labs, just like yours, spending valuable time carefully filling countless weigh boats on sensitive balances to ensure media quality.

We aim to make your life just that little bit easier with Thermo Scientific™ Pre-Weigh Dehydrated Culture Media

A range of our most frequently-used and well-characterised Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ dehydrated culture media is now available in a handy pre-weighed foil package presentation. This new convenient format is designed to improve the efficiency of your media kitchen workflow by removing the requirement to weigh out culture media powder.

Simply tear open the selected media sachet, add to the required volume of water, mix and autoclave as usual; especially useful for use in automated media preparators. You save time, increase efficiency, reduce stress and still produce the same quality media you have come to rely on.

Pre-weigh sachets are available in 20 x 1 liter or 10 x 8 liter pouches, presented in a handy shelf-ready dispenser.

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Pre-weigh DCM sachets rip and tip

Potential efficiency gains

Comparison of media preparation using Pre-Weigh DCMs compared with standard DCMs*

Example A: When preparing 45L of media each day, a time-saving of 134 minutes a week was achieved equating to a saving of 14.5 days a year**

Example B: When preparing 15L of media each day, a time-saving of 45 minutes a week was achieved equating to a saving of 5 days a year** 

*Based on an in-house study carried out under laboratory conditions. **Calculated on a laboratory operating 52 weeks a year, five days a week, eight hours a day.

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