Our culture media applications

From antimicrobial susceptibility testing, screening and diagnosis of infections, supporting the production and quality assurance of pharmaceuticals, to ensuring the safety and quality of food, you can rely on our rich history of quality and support - whatever your industry. Our Culture Media range is also available in a variety of formats for every application, this includes Dehydrated Culture Media, Bagged Enrichment Media and Preprepared options.

By industry:

Clinical Diagnostics

We empower laboratories to operate more efficiently, allowing microbiologists to concentrate on their primary objective: delivering timely and accurate diagnoses. 

Benefit from one of the most comprehensive culture media portfolios for Clinical Diagnostics, from pre-analytical samples, screening and diagnosis, through to AST.

Food Safety Testing

We help food testing laboratories to gain efficiency and optimize results for quality, safety and testing. 

Streamline your media preparation and simplify culture-based testing with a broad choice of solutions you can trust. 

Bio/pharmaceutical Sterility and Quality Control

Supporting you to enhance operational efficiency and streamline quality control release, so you can deliver therapies to patients quickly and safely. 

From efficient aseptic process simulations that minimise preparation and reduce production downtime, to streamlined environmental monitoring and complete sterility testing. 

Veterinary Vaccine Fermentation

Coming soon.

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Featured application

Media Fills for aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing

 We understand the critical role media fills play in validation of your aseptic processes. We also understand they  are resource intense and require high quality media to ensure a smooth process. 


Thermo Scientific Cold Filterable media solutions ensure easy and user-friendly preparation. No heating is required to dissolve the media, with excellent solubility reducing the risk of blockages and therefore the level of production downtime required.

  • Pharmacopoeia (USP/EP) harmonized

  • BSE & mycoplasma free

  • Gamma-irradiated for sterility assurance

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