Oligonucleotide and Amino Acid Analysis

Complete characterization of nucleotide-based pharmaceuticals

Nucleotide-based pharmaceuticals are well established and represent an important class of clinically important drugs. Despite being highly efficient, the synthesis and development of these molecules can be prone to process-related impurities and modifications. Complete characterization is, therefore, important throughout their developmental and manufacturing processes.

Our chromatography columns demonstrate selectivity and support resolution for separation of therapeutic and diagnostic oligonucleotides and their derivatives. 

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Oligonucleotide and amino acids analysis categories

Achieve superior reversed-phase oligonucleotide separations using Thermo Scientific DNAPac RP HPLC columns. The unique chemistry is designed for analysis of oligonucleotides and double-stranded (ds) DNA/RNA fragments using LC-UV or LC-MS. The column chemistry provides excellent performance under a broad range of pH, temperature, and mobile phase compositions. In addition, the wide pore size of the resin provides excellent separation of large double-stranded nucleic acids up to 10k base pairs.

Achieve high-resolution analysis and purification of synthetic and modified oligonucleotides using Thermo Scientific Dionex DNAPac PA100 Oligonucleotide columns. This strong anion-exchange column features 13μm pellicular, nonporous polymeric resin with bound quaternary amine-functionalized MicroBeads to resolve oligonucleotides with secondary structures. The column is compatible with solvent, high pH, and high temperatures.

Enjoy strong anion exchange for high-resolution analysis and purification of synthetic oligonucleotides using Thermo Scientific DNAPac PA200 Oligonucleotide columns.

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Troy Voelker of Covance discusses why they chose the Orbitrap HRAM MS bioanalysis of oligonucleotides and other novel therapeutics.

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