Primary hepatocytes isolated from the liver are effective tools for the in vitro evaluation of metabolism, drug-drug interactions, hepatotoxicity, and transporter activity. 

Gibco hepatocytes offer high viabilities routinely great than 80%, in vivo-like enzyme expression levels, and are characterized for phase I and phase II drug metabolizing enzyme activities. An extensive selection of lots and multiple large lots are available – ideal for reproducible long-term and multi-site studies.

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NEW Gibco Human Spheroid-Qualified Hepatocytes

Our Spheroid qualified hepatocytes are the first off-the-shelf cryopreserved human cells for generation of hepatic spheroids in your own lab. Each vial contains a minimum of five million viable cells, sufficient for up to sixteen 96-well plates of hepatic spheroids.

  • Maintain cells in culture longer—up to 21 days, >4X longer than cells last in monolayer culture
  • Design your own schedule—cells are ready for plating when you are
  • Interrogate pathways of interest—applicable for toxicity, metabolism, or disease modeling

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