In vitro tools to produce physiologically relevant results

Get to your preclinical projects faster with ready-to-use human and animal hepatocytes for in vitro metabolism testing.

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Fully-characterized to maximize your results

High quality hepatocytes, with high viabilities, in vivo-like enzyme expression levels, and proper cell morphology, increase the ability to draw in vitro/in vivo correlations and make sound decisions regarding a compound's fate.  Experienced technicians and proprietary isolation techniques combined with stringent release specifications ensure you receive the highest quality cryopreserved hepatocytes. Each lot is tested for:

  • Phase I and II enzyme activities
  • Proper morphology
  • Viabilities generally >75%
  • Attachment efficiency
  • Monolayer formation and integrity

Learn more about the characterization of human hepatocytes

Prequalified and ready for your application

To facilitate your experiments, each lot of hepatocytes is qualified for particular applications:

  • Suspension hepatocytes - suitable for most short term metabolism studies
  • Plateable hepatocytes - useful for induction, plated metabolism, and transporter applications

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Multiple large lots available

Many of our hepatocyte lots are available in batch sizes >500 vials - ideal for long term studies across work sites.

Please inquire with your local Technical Sales Specialist or our Technical & Customer Support Team at for assistance in securing large lots that meet your specifications.

Simplified workflow

Cryopreserved hepatocytes are ready when you are.
To use, simply quick-thaw (<2 min) at 37°C, remove the cryoprotectant with a 10-min centrifugation in CHRM® medium, and resuspend in supplement-containing William's Medium E.

If plating hepatocytes, we recommend our collagen-coated plates with a Geltrex overlay. Check out our protocols and hepatic cell culture reagents page for more information.

What are the shipping and storage conditions for cryopreserved hepatocytes?
Cryopreserved hepatocytes are shipped in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen contained in a non-hazardous container called a dry LN2 vapor shipper or dewar.  The internal temperature of the dewar is maintained between -140°C and -160°C, generally for up to 5-7 days if unopened.  Once hepatocytes are received and transferred to a long term LN2 dewar  in the laboratory, dewars are returned to the address listed on the pre-paid return shipping label for reuse.

Upon receipt of a shipment of cryopreserved hepatocytes, carefully and quickly transfer the vials to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen and keep at -135°C or below until use.   Any increase in the temperature of the cryovials before an experiment threatens the viability, functionality, and activity of the hepatocytes.

Do cryopreserved hepatocytes have an expiration date?
If properly stored cryopreserved hepatocytes can be stored in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen (-135°C or below) for several years.  This makes them ideal for a series of experiments conducted over many months.

After thawing, how long can hepatocytes be kept in culture?
Unlike immortalized cell lines, hepatocytes are primary cells that cannot be cultured indefinitely.  The use of thawed suspension hepatocytes should be limited to short-term experiments with a maximum of 4-6 hour incubations.  Plateable hepatocytes, which attach to collagen-coated plasticware in culture media, are generally metabolically active for 5-7 days.

Who should I contact if I am looking for hepatocytes with particular characteristics?
Our hepatocytes are prequalified and sold according to application, such as induction, short-term metabolism, and transporter uptake.  If you require cells with particular P450 values or donor specifications, contact our Hepatic Biology Tech Support Team at  or (866) 952-3559 to help with specific lot recommendations.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.