GIBCO® rainbow trout hepatocytes, microsomes, and S9 liver fractions

We've done the fishing for you!

  • Convenient, ready-to-use, pooled lots
  • High hepatocyte viabilities (≥ 90%)
  • Functionally tested for Phase I and Phase II enzyme activities

Product information

Fish have been used in vivo by researchers for decades to assess bioaccumulation, metabolism, and environmental risk. More recently, in vitro studies have demonstrated that hepatocytes, microsomes, and hepatic S9 fractions are effective and efficient tools to predict the in vivo endpoint for biotransformation and bioconcentration factor (BCF) testing.

Invitrogen now offers a unique commercial supply of cryopreserved rainbow trout hepatocytes and frozen liver sub-fractions, making your experiments even easier. Each lot is pretested for high viabilities and relevant drug metabolizing enzyme activities, such as EROD (CYP1A), testosterone hydroxylation (CYP3A), and Phase II enzymes (e.g., UGT), providing added confidence in your in vitro results.

Reliable, commercial source of hepatic products

Invitrogen is a leader in hepatic sourcing, cell isolation, and cryopreservation of hepatic cells from major toxicology species, including fish. We employ over a dozen PhD scientists who specialize in areas of liver biology and ADME services. Some of our staff are currently working in conjunction with environmental agencies, research centers, and other companies in Europe and the US to develop novel, validated, in vitro methods for environmental chemicals testing. In addition to the products mentioned, we also offer a full range of services designed around these products.