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For questions on drug discovery products, find out more at

  • Kinase biology
  • Nuclear receptor biology
  • Ion channel biology
  • Pathway biology
  • Proteasome biology
  • Epigenetics tools
  • G-protein coupled receptor biology (GPCR)

For questions on ADME/Tox or DMPK products and services, find out more at

  • Hepatic cells
  • Hepatic research supplements & matrices
  • Subcellular fractions & transporter products

For questions on our research services, learn more at

  • Cell line engineering (CRISPR, Jump-in, BacMam)
  • Stem cell services (reprogramming, differentiation, characterization, analysis, and genome editing)
  • Custom assay development (antibody labeling, biochemical/cellular, and TaqMan)
  • Target identification (library screening)
  • Lead identification (profiling, cell baking, and bulk media)
  • Selectivity and safety (library screening and hERG)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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