When your studies require specialized, reliable, high-quality solutions, count on our Custom Biology Services team to deliver the results. All components necessary to develop the most appropriate assay for your research or discovery target of interest are available from the Thermo Fisher Scientific catalog, allowing you to seamlessly transition our service protocol back to your labs. Dedicated project managers will guide your project through every step of the process, with frequent progress updates.

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Accelerating drug discovery strength in numbers

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide have chosen Thermo FIsher for more than 11,000 compound screening and profiling projects. Watch this video to see our “strength in numbers”.

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Custom Biochemical and Cell-based Assays

Get a custom biochemical or cell-based solution to suit your needs, using the broad array of technologies in our toolbox.

Custom Cell Engineering Tools

Select from Genome editing tools for custom cell line generation, Jump-In parental cell lines, BacMam-enabled assays to accelerate your discovery projects

Antibody Labeling

Choose from europium or terbium donor chelate labels and obtain labeled antibodies for your TR-FRET assay development and screening projects in 2 weeks.

Cell Banking

Get validated, high-throughput screening–ready cells in scale with our cryopreservation service in 2 to 4 weeks.

Functional Genomics Screening

Employ our LentiArray CRISPR Libraries or siRNA Silencer Select Libraries for your CRISPR or siRNA library screening project to interrogate functional pathways, proliferation, gene expression analysis, and protein modifications.

TaqMan® Protein Assays

Get highly sensitive protein detection coupling the specificity of antibody affinity reagents with the sensitivity and fidelity of TaqMan® PCR.

Custom Biology Services Team

With many labs facing resources restraints, our Custom Biology team offers institutions a powerful resource to extend their research teams. Wholly dedicated to developing custom tools and assays, the team has the expertise to select an assay technology from the extensive Thermo Fisher Scientific toolbox and use these technologies to craft tools that meet your unique requirements.

group photo of Dedicated Project Management team

Dedicated project management

From your initial inquiry through every milestone of your project, you can expect exceptional service and frequent, proactive communication from a dedicated project manager.  Your project manager will help ensure all parties involved in the project are aligned on project requirements, timelines and budgets.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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