Maybridge screening collection

Maybridge HitFinder plates

Diversity-based screening continues to be a vital tool for drug discovery. Efficiency and productivity can be improved by using screening libraries that offer maximum diversity while retaining drug-like properties. Faced with a bewildering array of commercially available screening libraries, each with their own differing characteristics, it can be difficult for drug discovery scientists to pick the ideal screening library for their specific requirements.

The Maybridge screening collection consists of over 53,000 organic compounds produced by Thermo Fisher Scientific. These are individually designed compounds produced by innovative synthetic techniques, based on over 45 years of experience in heterocyclic chemistry.

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Maybridge HitFinder

The pre-selected, diverse Maybridge HitFinder screening library makes identifying potential drug leads easy,  convenient, and cost-effective. The pre-plated collection consists of 14,400 Maybridge screening compounds, selected to represent the diversity of the Maybridge screening collection using a clustering algorithm based on standard Daylight fingerprints and Tanimoto similarity, and is conveniently supplied as dry films in 96-well plates or 384-well microplates.

Maximize quality hits from your screens

  • The HitFinder collection comprises 14,400 compounds representing the drug-like diversity of the Maybridge screening collection, offering easy and rapid lead identification.
  • Selections are made using a clustering algorithm employing standard Daylight fingerprints with the Tanimoto similarity index clustering at 0.71 similarity.

Reduced time to optimize any hit

  • All screening compounds fit Lipinski’s guidelines for "drug-likeness," and all have purity greater than 90%.
  • Compounds have been selected to be non-reactive, helping to ensure fewer false positives and higher quality results.
  • When you are ready to optimize your drug lead, our range of over 6,000 advanced, novel Maybridge building blocks provides high chemical diversity for accelerating your drug design process.

Ready to screen

  • Pre-formatted as dry films for easy storage and use.
  • Pre-plated as 1 µmol per compound and 80 compounds per plate.
  • Each competitively priced plate contains a diverse subset of compounds.
  • Plate map provided in several formats (PDF, SD, XLS) for convenience.
  • Plates barcoded for automated systems.
  • Off-the-shelf availability of any number of plates, from 1 to the complete set of 180.
  • Reserve stock of compounds, including analogs, available for follow-up work when required.
  • Also available as 0.25 µmol dry film supplied in 384-well microplates.

Maybridge HitCreator

The pre-plated Maybridge HitCreator collection consists of 14,000 screening compounds, derived from a rigorous analysis of more than 500,000 commercially available screening compounds. These compounds have been selected using a clustering algorithm, based on standard Daylight fingerprints and Tanimoto similarity. The HitCreator collection is conveniently supplied as dry films in 96-well plates or 384-well microplates.

  • High diversity—applied Daylight fingerprints and Tanimoto similarity calculations based on the Tanimoto coefficient of 0.65 to produce an exceptionally diverse commercial library providing the best opportunity to find hits
  • High hit probability—compounds are drug-like, conforming to Lipinski’s Rule of 5 and additional filters, such as PSA ≤140Å2
  • Reliability—compounds within the library have been screened to remove any inappropriate chemical structures, avoiding “false hits” using our false positives exclusion criteria
  • Convenience—all 14,000 compounds are available off-the-shelf, at 1 µmol in 96-well plates or 0.25 µmol in 384-well plates

Maybridge HitDiscover

A ready-to-screen collection of over 51,000 screening compounds in dry film format, the Maybridge HitDiscover collection consists of compounds of minimum 90% purity and pre-plated as 1 µmol dry films in 96-well plate format, offering exceptional diversity and outstanding value. Immediate re-supply is available for the majority of compounds.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.