Sample interaction of compound from Maybridge fragment libraries within a target

The Maybridge fragment collection helps accelerate structure-based lead identification and includes 30,000 chemical fragments. It features the following:

  • Maybridge fragment library
  • Specialty fragment libraries featuring bromo-, fluoro-, and pre-fragment collections

The Maybridge fragment collection was developed to meet the needs of researchers by harnessing the quality and structural diversity you have come to expect from our products. The fragment collection comprises market-leading, pre-selected libraries that have been carefully designed to facilitate the rapid acquisition of high-quality fragments.

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The Maybridge fragment collection: The industry-leading library for fragment-based drug screening

Fragment-based drug screening is gaining wider acceptance, in both academic and commercial arenas, as a highly effective method of expediting the drug discovery process. As the field of fragment-based drug discovery continues to mature, there is an increasing need to gain access to fragments of the highest quality. Over 30,000 Maybridge compounds are assembled to provide convenient access to the extensive Maybridge portfolio when building your own custom fragment screening libraries or searching for hit analogs. The fragment collection has been filtered in terms of purity, molecular weight (≤350 Da), and removal of inappropriate functionality to allow you complete freedom to design a library that fits your own specific needs. The Maybridge fragment collection has grown with the technology in recent years as structure-based techniques become more central to the drug discovery process, and many successful fragment screening programs have Maybridge fragments at their heart.

Key features and benefits

  • Rule of Three (Ro3) compliance—delivers superior ADME attributes
  • Exceptional diversity—Tanimoto similarity index of 0.66 based on standard Daylight fingerprinting
  • PAINS-free—filtered to remove pan assay interference compounds (PAINS), avoiding false hits
  • Experimentally measured solubility—designed for solubility of fragments in PBS buffer (1 mM), ensuring robust screening data and minimizing candidate attrition
  • Assured quality of >95%—NMR spectrum available for each of the 2,500 compounds in DMSO and aqueous conditions
  • Optimized for SPR—in collaboration with GE Healthcare, a “clean screen” was run on a Biacore surface plasmon resonance system to remove promiscuous binders
  • Chemically “clean”—filtered to remove toxic and reactive groups
  • Pharmacophore-rich—but not too complex to allow for simpler interpretation of the results
  • Fragment hopping—facilitated across the entire Maybridge portfolio for effective pharmacophore investigation

Specialty fragment libraries

The Maybridge fluoro-fragment collection
More than 5,300 fluorine-containing fragments ideal for 19F NMR-based fragment screening, a diverse set of which is offered as the Maybridge 19F fragment library.

Maybridge 19F fragment library–with 19F NMR spectra for every compound
This fluorine-labeled fragment library of 400 compounds is based on the Maybridge collection of fluorinated compounds. This library was developed in collaboration with Argenta and the University of Kent and has been shown to have appropriate properties for fragment screening using biophysical methods.

The Maybridge bromo-fragment collection
More than 1,500 bromine-containing fragments for X-ray-based fragment screening.

The Maybridge pre-fragment Collection
A valuable source of reactive “pre-fragments” for synthesizing your own fragments or evolving your hits.

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Available formats

The Maybridge fragment library is available in the following formats:

Entire library with 2,500 compounds

Highly recommended. It provides the highest probability to find a hit.

A core set of the entire library with 1,000 compoundsIt encompasses the diversity of the entire library. Suitable for rapid and exploratory work.
A supplement set of the entire library with 1,500 compoundsFor those who have screened the core set. It provides an additional probability to identify more hits.
Customized setA selection of any number of fragments. Our searchable database allows rapid selection of fragments based on substructure and calculated Ro3 parameters.
Complete convenience

Custom weighed to your requirements in milligram or micromolar quantities, neat, in DMSO, in D6DMSO, in plates or vials.

Accelerating drug discovery

The Maybridge screening collection consists of a highly diverse set of over 53,000 hit-like and lead-like molecules widely acknowledged as a critical tool in screening campaigns. These are individually designed compounds, produced by innovative synthetic techniques.

The core of the Maybridge building block collection, these pharmacophorically rich intermediates are specifically designed for medicinal chemistry, allowing logical SAR development and hit-to-lead optimization. Many will be of particular interest as "privileged structures", while others bearing solubilizing moieties add to the pharmacokinetic profile of drug molecules.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.