Sample compound from the collection of Maybridge hit-to-lead building blocks

Over the last 50 years, we have built an unparalleled, off-the-shelf collection of building blocks with medicinally important ring systems, many of which are unique to the Maybridge collection.

The availability of diverse and pharmacophorically relevant synthetic building blocks remains a critical success factor in the drug design process. Where key building blocks are not commercially available, in-house synthesis consumes vital time and can add considerable cost to the project.

Our focus is to provide medicinal chemists with the ideal building blocks for use in early-phase drug discovery in:

  • Structure activity relationship (SAR) development
  • Generating screening libraries for further hit identification/elaboration

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Maybridge building blocks and reactive intermediates

Included in our building blocks collection is a unique and expanding range of reactive intermediates, sets of minimally substituted building blocks sharing a common ring structure, each functionalized with a selection of the most synthetically useful reactive groups. Full details of over 300 sets of reactive intermediates may be found in our catalog or, if you are a registered user, by downloading our searchable database.

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Minimal substitution means easier interpretation of SAR in lead optimization, and the diversity of functional groups attached to each ring structure allows for maximum chemistry flexibility in library design and production.

Reactive intermediates represent just a subset of our vast range of structurally and chemically diverse building blocks that provide the ultimate toolbox for drug discovery chemistry.

Quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness

  • All our building blocks are analyzed in-house using one or more of the following techniques: NMR, HPLC, GC, and/or IR.
  • With more than 95% stock availability, our product offering provides a speedy and reliable source for high-quality building blocks.
  • Our building blocks are competitively priced.

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Heterocyclic building blocks

Our hit-to-lead building blocks focus primarily on heterocyclic chemistry because heterocyclics are such pharmacophore-enhancing molecules, which are key tools for medicinal chemistry, especially in early-phase drug discovery.

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Library template building blocks

Screening libraries are often synthesized using templates, which are building blocks with more than one differentiable functional group. Our product offering includes all of the features of the hit-to-lead building blocks but with two or more functional groups which are synthetically differentiable through:

  • Different reactivity of the functional groups
  • The use of orthogonal protecting groups

This makes them ideal for the synthesis of screening libraries or as linkers to direct your proprietary cores toward new regions of diversity space.

Accelerating drug discovery 

The Maybridge screening collection consists of a highly diverse set of over 53,000 hit-like and lead-like molecules widely acknowledged as a critical tool in screening campaigns. These are individually designed compounds, produced by innovative synthetic techniques.

Fragment screening is the method of choice in the quest for the rapid identification of new lead molecules in drug discovery. Select any combination from 30,000 chemical fragments to accelerate structure-based lead identification.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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