Life Technologies offers a wide range of high-throughput screening assays for target and lead discovery research. Use the table below to view our available assay types; and find the components necessary to make one of these assays with our Drug Discovery Assay Maker™ tool.

Can’t find the assay you need?  Our dedicated Custom Biology Services team can work with you and create a custom assay meeting your defined requirements.

If you have any questions about any of these assay technologies, please contact our Drug Discovery Technical Support team.

Biochemical Assays

Assay Type Technology Definition
Biochemical ADP accumulationAdapta®TR-FRET assay for the detection of ADP produced by kinases or other ATP dependent enzymes
Biochemical bindingPredictor™ hERGA set of validated components to perform hERG channel biochemical binding studies in the absence of radioligand
Biochemical binding/kineticLanthaScreen® Kinase Binding AssayA simple mix and read TR-FRET assay where binding or displacement of an ATP competitive Alexa Fluor® conjugate or “tracer" to a kinase
Biochemical competitive bindingPolarScreen®Nuclear receptor ligand domain, binding assay that includes protein, a proprietary fluorescent Fluormone™ ligand, and an optimized buffer system
Biochemical coregulator interactionLanthaScreen® NR Co-regulator Interaction Assay TR-FRET based assay to evaluate recruitment or diplacement of a fluorescein-labeled coregulator peptide. Evaluated conformational changes of nuclear receptors upon ligand binding distinguishing agonists from antagonists.
Biochemcial europium phospho-specific activityLanthaScreen® Activity Assay TR-FRET, Europium based, kinase activity assay
Biochemical phospho-specific activity (no antibody)Z’-LYTE®FRET based activity assayfor selectivity profiling. It is the primary assay used in our SelectScreen® kinase profiling service.
Biochemical terbium phospho-specific activityLanthaScreen® Activity AssayTR-FRET, Terbium based ,kinase activity

Cell-based Assays

Assay Type Technology Definition
BacMam virus for cellular expressionBacMamA modified insect cell virus (baculovirus) that acts as a vehicle to efficiently deliver and express genes in mammalian cells
Cell-based beta lactamase reporter geneCellSensor®
Measures compound potency and selectivity and allow for analysis, in a high-throughput manner, of key pathways activated or down-regulated by compounds.
Cell-based beta-arrestin recruitmentTango® Platform based upon ligand binding to a specific GPCR that triggers desensitization; ensuring a selective readout
Cell-based calcium fluxFluo-4Calcium assay formulated to achieve largest assay window by suppressing background fluorescence generated from media with little-to-no impact on the cellular fluorescence
Cell-based potassium fluxFluxOR® An optically based, homogenous assay for high throughput screening (HTS) measurements of potassium ion channel and transporter activities
 Cell-based terbium modification activity (transient)LanthaScreen® BacMam-enabled cellular assayAn efficient and robust method for interrogating specific signal transduction events in a cell background of choice
Cell-based terbium phospho-specific activity (stable)LanthaScreen® cellular assayTR-FRET-based assays to monitor protein modification within the native cell signaling environment