The G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily is comprised of an estimated 600-1,000 members and is the largest known class of molecular targets with proven therapeutic value. Invitrogen’s experienced team of GPCR biologists has generated a highly validated and novel family of GPCR cell line products to enable your discovery programs.

Cell-Based GPCR Reporter Assays

Access GPCR targets with our GeneBLAzer® and Tango™ FRET cell based assays in dividing or division arrested formats.


Cell-Based Second Messenger Assays

View our complete portfolio of calcium flux assays for high content and high throughput screening including the Fluo family of fluorescent dyes.  These indicators provide a rapid method of imaging calcium flux associated with GPCR activation or inhibition.


GPCR Antibodies & Immunoassays

Find the right GPCR antibody for your research needs.


Membrane Protein Expression System

Produce functional GPCRs in mammalian cells as virus-like particles (VLPs) for use in receptor-ligand binding or antibody binding studies.