Ion channels provide exciting opportunities for drug development targeting a diverse array of therapeutic areas including neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, pain, and inflammation. To address the most challenging ion channel targets in any desired cell background, researchers need an assortment of optimized assays for their discovery efforts.  Our product offering for cell-based ion channel assays is designed for sensitivity, ease-of-use, and assay flexibility.

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Ion Assay Technology Description
Potassium FluxOR Functional, HTS-validated universal potassium assay
  BacMam Ion Channel Targets BacMam-mediated delivery of potassium ion channels including hERG
Calcium Fluo-4 Direct Add and read, homogenous fluorescent calcium readout validated for HTS
Chloride Premo Halide Fluorescent protein-based chloride biosensor protein
Membrane Potential Voltage Sensor Probes FRET-based, ratiometric assessment of membrane potential
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