We offer a collection of target-based ADME/Tox assays for drug discovery and development to help you determine the metabolic and safety profiles of lead candidates on a high throughput scale.

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Featured Target-Based ADME/Tox Assay Categories

P450 Assays

Fluorescent substrates and recombinant enzymes to evaluate your compound’s potential impact on P450 activity

 Transporter Products
GenoMembrane Transporter Vesicles and Transporter-qualified Hepatocytes to facilitate the prediction of your compounds modulation of transport enzyme activity
Biochemical hERG Assays
Detect hERG channel binding without radioactivity using our Predictor™ hERG Fluorescence Polarization Assay Kit ideal for HTS applications


 Nuclear Receptor ADME Assays

Our LanthaScreen® Nuclear Receptor Competitive Binding Assay contains all the needed reagents you need to conduct compound affinity testing

G-Protein Coupled Receptor Cellular ADME Assays

Avoid off-target effects with our GPCR toxicity panel of validated cellular assays for selectivity screening

 Toxicology Products

Assays to identify indicators of both biochemical and cellular toxicity

PCR-Based Drug Discovery Assays
Analyze drug discovery-related genes using our real-time PCR arrays
 White square 96-well platePlasma Protein Binding Equilibrium Dialysis

Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis (RED) device offers an easy, fast, and reliable system for performing plasma protein-binding assays, a critical step in drug development

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Drug Discovery & Development Support Center

Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for support related to your drug discovery experiments.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.