Transporter products

Let us help you evaluate your compound’s transporter interactions. With a comprehensive offering of transporter-qualified hepatocytes, vesicles, kits, and services, we can extend your efforts and accelerate your answers, helping you in the prediction of bioavailability and clearance of your compound, as well as the potential for drug-drug interactions and potential toxicities.


GenoMembrane ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter Vesicles

GenoMembrane ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter vesicles allow the investigation of possible interactions between specific ABC transporters and your test compounds.

GenoMembrane TRANSiPORT human SLC transporter cells

GenoMembrane TRANSiPORT human SLC transporter cells are HEK293 cells that transiently overexpress a solute carrier (SLC) transporter protein. Solute carriers are one of two superfamilies of membrane transporters that can affect pharmacokinetics and drug exposure by governing the transport of solutes into and out of cells. Membrane transporters are found in hepatic cells, kidney proximal tubule cells, intestinal cells, and brain cells.

  • Assess potential for transporter-mediated drug metabolism
  • Easy-to-use format
  • Obtain high-quality results with a large signal-to-noise ratio

Transporter-Qualified Hepatocytes

Primary hepatocytes are effective tools for the in vitro evaluation of metabolism, drug-drug interactions, hepatotoxicity, and transporter assessment. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our hepatocyte isolationists are extensively trained in proper techniques to ensure optimal cell health. As a result, GIBCO hepatocytes have high viabilities, in vivo-like enzyme expression levels, and if released as plateable cells, excellent confluencies that contribute to polarization and functioning cell-cell contacts.

  • Contain functional membrane receptors and transporters
  • Facilitate effective transporter uptake and basolateral efflux (plated) experiments
  • Have stringent release specs: ≥80% viability and ≥80% confluency (plated cells)



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