Optimize potential performance of your biotherapeutics by calibrating dosage and investigating the efficacy of therapeutic effect based on highly specific and quantitative genotyping and gene expression. Increase your confidence in product safety by identifying and quantifying on-target and off-target toxicity and contaminating pathogens using highly specific and sensitive gene expression, sequencing, and dPCR. Maximize trial efficiency by including genetic analysis to refine cohort selection, which can also enable investigation into disease response risk and pharmacogenomics.


Toxicology and safety assessment

Drive studies to reveal impacts of dosing, biotherapeutics, or multi-drug therapies on gene expression by assessing genetic impact on target and off-target tissues and on expression of genes.

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Population stratification

Explore variability in responses to treatments, differentiate genetic vs. lifestyle contributors to disease, and investigate biomarkers for personalized therapies with genotypic stratification.

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Pharmacogenetic screening

Inspire new approaches to assessment of variability among drug metabolism genes and the relationships between genetic variations and drug response with pharmacogenomic profiling.

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E-book: Genetic insights for biopharmaceuticals: Propelling drug candidates into therapeutic assets

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  • How genetic analysis is enabling more rapid and efficient clinical trials
  • How integration of genetic analysis technologies is evolving in the pharma and biotech spaces
  • How companies around the world are deploying genetic analysis to gain competitive advantage

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