The promise of new gene therapies to address unmet needs for the treatment of rare and complex diseases is driving increased demand for research into viral vector-based therapeutics. Whether your key vector strategy is based on adenoviruses (AV), adeno-associated viruses (AAV) or lentiviruses (LV), our genetic analysis tools are aimed at improving scientific understanding of the development process for safer and repeatable gene therapy with accelerated time-to-patient.

Genetic analysis in the gene therapy workflow

In this infographic, you will learn how genetic analysis can help:

  • Identify molecular lesions. Fast.
  • Maximize performance of your transgene delivery vehicles.
  • Increase confidence in your preclinical studies.

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Proof of concept

Accelerate your gene therapy investigation by incorporating genetic analysis from the beginning of the therapeutic gene development workflow to identify target lesions, design transgene vectors, develop animal models, and identify potential predictive biomarkers.


Delivery vector design and optimization

Accelerate time to therapeutic viral vector production by using sensitive, specific, fast, and efficient genetic technologies to design viral vectors that are optimized to maximize transfection, transgene expression, and safety.


Delivery vehicle production

Streamline your vector delivery vehicle production with accurately optimized transgene dosage, highly specific host cell authentication, and precise quantitation of in-process and adventitious contaminants.



Preclinical development

Maximize the value of your preclinical investigations using genetic analyses early in the preclinical development process to reveal valuable insights into dosing, therapeutic efficacy, toxicology, and transfection efficiency.

Learn how our comprehensive genetic portfolio including microarray, sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing, dPCR, and qPCR solutions, enables reliable insights throughout the gene therapy product development workflow

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Viral titer dPCR solutions

Absolute Q Viral Titer dPCR assays enable easy and accurate quantification of viral vectors.


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Biopharma service and support solutions

Discover innovative support and services specific for Biopharma. We can support you with remote tools, qualification services (IQ/OQ/PQ or IPV), computer system validation and OEM expertise.

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