Streamline process development with authenticated cell lines and known sources of potential contamination. Gene expression and dPCR enable highly specific and sensitive detection, identification, and quantitation of microbial strains and residual vector DNA. Allelic discrimination is a straightforward approach to assess cell lines for authenticity, provenance, and long-term genetic stability.


Microbial identification

Detect microbial targets at the lowest limits, even in the presence of common inhibitors, to help produce microbe-free drugs and therapeutics with confidence.

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Residual vector quantification

Quantify absolute viral vector titers in your cell cultures to determine concentrations of your biotherapeutic for use in gene and cell therapies.

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Cell line quality control

Speed development of new approaches to cell-based therapeutics with authenticated cell lines and confirm the identity of your human cultured cells with confidence with short tandem repeat (STR) genotyping.

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Poster: PCR system for consistent viral titer quantification


Learn how the increased robustness and consistency possible with our dPCR microfluidic array plate (MAP) technology improves AAV viral titer quantification.

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Monoclonal antibody development

Efficiently develop and characterize recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) from discovery through clinical trials and manufacturing by incorporating genetic-level analysis into your workflows.

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Innovative support and instrument expertise

We support you with exceptional services, remote tools, training, and OEM expertise we’ve spent 40 years curating.

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