Minimize development time with efficient design and optimization of all genetic components of your potential biotherapeutic. Confirm and optimize gene edits and functional vector elements at high- or low-throughput with highly specific gene expression, qPCR, and sequencing. Genetic variant analysis and highly sensitive dPCR can help to establish optimum therapeutic titration and identify even low levels of pathogen contaminants.


High-throughput expression analysis

Streamline exploration of large libraries of constructs to explore genetic variants associated with genetic regulation of and response to your biopharmaceutical.

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Target validation and disease modeling

Transform development of new therapeutic approaches with gene knock-down and knock-up investigations and optimize performance with validated indels and variants.

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Preclinical dosage, toxicology, and safety testing

Accelerate vital studies to identify impacts of treatment on gene expression in animal models.

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Darren Roberts Customer Spotlight

Scientist Spotlight: Transcriptome analysis in tumors and response to therapy

In this conversation with Dr. Darren Roberts, he discusses challenges in conducting gene expression studies with DNA and RNA from FFPE tumor tissues. He also explains the importance of selecting the right technology for each sample and stage in the process.

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Monoclonal antibody development

Efficiently develop and characterize recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) from discovery through clinical trials and manufacturing by incorporating genetic-level analysis into your workflows.

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Innovative support and instrument expertise

We support you with exceptional services, remote tools, training, and OEM expertise we’ve spent 40 years curating.

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