A flexible portfolio of in vitro transcription solutions generating high yield mRNA

In vitro transcription (IVT) is a common and convenient method that is critical for mRNA synthesis and RNA research.

Our Invitrogen mMessage mMachine and MEGAscript kits are the most competent kits in the industry when it comes to flexibility in producing synthetic mRNA via in vitro transcription. Invitrogen offers a unique and proven suite of products that meet critical process, scale, and quality to accelerate your mRNA discovery. This includes downstream applications, such as mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases and mRNA therapeutics for rare disease, antibody therapy, and protein therapy.

The very first in vitro transcription kits, mMessage mMachine and MEGAscript, were commercialized in 1989 under Ambion, now known as Invitrogen. While the brand has evolved, the quality and superior results remain the same. With over 50,000 citations, these kits are recognized as the most reliable and high-performing solutions in the industry, with the capability to overcome a variety of limitations with flexible offerings for synthesizing RNA.

With a variety of polymerases to choose from (T7, SP6, and T3) to transcribe a linearized DNA template or PCR-amplified DNA into mRNA, we offer a series of kits to fit your research needs. Our MEGAscript and mMessage mMachine kits allow for synthetic mRNA to be customizable with the ability to modify nucleotides, polymerases, poly-A tail, and capping technologies (mCap analog, ARCA), to synthesize custom mRNA and accelerate your mRNA discovery. See our most popular in vitro transcription T7 polymerase kits below.


In vitro transcription kits selection guide


MEGAscript T7
Transcription Kit

mMessage mMachine T7
Transcription Kit

mMessage mMachine T7
Ultra Transcription Kit

DescriptionOriginal in vitro transcription kit for uncapped mRNA synthesisFirst generation mCap analog for capped mRNA synthesis Design offers second generation ARCA cap for mRNA synthesis
  • Provides the most flexibility by allowing researchers to add their own capping technology, modified nucleotides, and poly-A tail insertions
  • Offers robust performance generating high yields
  • Optimized protocol provided for ease of use
  • Offers an enzyme mix for optimized IVT reactions
  • Allows researchers to use traditional m7cap analog and incorporate their own PolyA tail
  • Optimized protocol provided for ease of use
  • Our most inclusive kit
  • Provides researchers access to ARCA cap analog and Poly-A tail in a single kit
  • Optimized protocol provided for ease of use
Capping efficiency  N/A70–80%70–80%
Yield per reaction100 µg20–30 µg20–30 µg
MEGAClear clean-up kit

MEGAClear clean-up kits provide a simple solution for RNA clean-up plus purification after in vitro transcription and other enzymatic reactions. Each kit contains silica spin column solutions that efficiently separate RNA from unincorporated NTPs, enzymes, and buffer components. Learn more

CAR T Cells Mend Broken Mouse Hearts

Learn how our MEGAscript kit was used to develop CAR T therapy targeting fibrosis

saRNA vaccines

Evaluate the role of in vitro transcription in the development of novel oral vaccines utilizing self-amplifying RNA (saRNA)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.